Breville Boss Blender Review and Unboxing

In this informative and entertaining product review and unboxing vlog, celebrity vegan chef and Cooking Channel TV host Jason Wrobel puts the all-new high-speed Breville Boss Blender to the test in his home kitchen by making his killer everyday morning smoothie. Buckle up and come hungry, kids!

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Lee Sybrant says:

I think the cat is gonna eat what’s on your counter. Love this video. Cute!

ActiveDiabetic says:

I used to sell these.  A few things for people about them.  People were often disappointed that the pitcher wasn’t glass.  It can’t be on these high power blenders.  The motor would explode glass.  The 3 set of blades inside are designed to be efficient and to deal with frozen thing that sink or frozen things that float.  All in all, I like selling this better than a Vitamix.  Because Vitamix you HAVE to tamp.  Like, you spent $600 and you have to still do the work???  The Boss, most of the time you don’t have to tamp because of the 3 sets of blades.

George Reed says:

Allowing cats to walk on your kitchen counters is ironic for someone who makes a living promoting healthy eating habits.

Ladydee Fit says:

I just found your channel Jason and I love you already. You and your silly funny self.

Cindy Pope says:

wonder how it would compare to the vita mix in terms of quality

Cynthia Keeman says:

Curious to find out how this compares to other blenders

ElPitr says:

Thanks Jason :-)))))

Sashine B. says:

Nice review, thanks. I decided to buy this blender, and was really excited. Got it home and found NO recipe book, no instructions, no warranty. Wrote to Breville, got an acknowledgement and then nothing else. So, my mind was going “Shoulda bought the Vitamix!” I plugged in the Boss, and the noise was freaking unbelievable. LOUD, LOUD. Boxed it back up, returned it. End of story. Too many negatives to deal with even though I really wanted to love it.

Tiramisu says:

Thanks for the nice video, Jason! I noticed this blender quite a while ago and was wondering about it. Beautiful design and super efficient, like many Breville high-end products. Have you checked their awesome quad blade food processor?

Luna Quartz x says:

Thanks for the review. I was dying when you first put the blender on and you jumped back in fear. That’s how I act when I see a spider lol

Paula Johnson says:

Great review. I have a a Breville Juice Fountain and an excellent Oster high speed blender. However, if ever I decide to bite the bullet, the Blendtec 725 gets my vote.

tamcon72 says:

I’ve never watched a blender demo/review grinning from ear to ear before–Thank you!

theurbanyankee says:

Can it make ice cream?

babescraftroom says:

I really miss the old, silly Jason. Your videos are too serious now. I still love you, but like the silly side of you. You seem uncomfortable now. Do you prefer this blender over the Blectec one? If so can I have your Blectec? lol…

tigergreg8 says:

I have a really nice high speed blender, but, I have to admit, I would buy this blender, I’m totally impressed with it.
Jason, in defense of the blender, you put the ingredients in , in the wrong order, The milk and fruit should have gone in first, then the dryer ingredients in last. : ) You won’t have those few chunks if done correct.
I think this is a Very nice looking blender.
By the way, if B B & B have this, and I can use my 20% of coupon, I just may buy another high speed blender.

hope griffith says:

I have this blender, and the review is spot-on. I use the manual knob rather than the pre-set buttons because it gives me more control, and you can seriously make a completely blended smoothie using frozen fruit and ice and chia seeds and spiralina in under 30 seconds. The noise is also quieter with the knob rather than the pre-sets. Awesome review, Jason!

Dawn Fiegen says:

gave a thumbs up just for the great facial expressions (especially on high) Still love my vitamix. Sounds like a good lower priced blender. 🙂

imbond7 says:

What’s with the fucking cat walking on the food counters? Gross!!!

greenrolaids says:

on a scale to 1 to gay…..

Muhammad Aizat Che Azemi says:

the cat is like “u in my way human” carries on doing its own thing

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