BOLTR: Vitamix Blender | Test and Teardown review

Yep, it’s got some ugly bits beneath the skirt but it’s got it where it counts.


El Lobo says:

You lost me at hello…

Brian Holdren says:

Did you say how much it costs? (Or did I miss that?).. Merry Xmas, BTW!

Three Donkeys and a Monkey says:

Merry Christmas Uncle Bumblefuck.

Zylon FPV says:

AvE, does your camera support 1080P? It looks like your videos are filmed in a lesser quality, possibly an interlaced mode. If you’re recording at 1080i. I can see horizontal lines which look like de-interlacing artifacts. There is no point recording using interlaced modes anymore since nobody uses CRTs, so it might be worth switching to 1080P 🙂

fruitydudexD says:

Now, I have no need for an expensive as frig blender, but I suddenly want one.

Karnet says:

Best german ever!

You know how to introduce yourself and how to insult something. That’s all you need to know.

Shane Carberry says:

WHERE did you get the Irish pack of smokes? tobac no damn good!

hey you says:

Nothing speaks love to the wifey like letting her know she needs a smoothie diet. Girls love that.

Anakin Skyobiliviator says:

Using cigarettes as filters…is that what all the cool uncles do nowadays?

Robin John says:

I read Vitamix Blender and thought, ehh. Then I read vs Gold Ore and couldn’t click fast enough.

excavatoree says:

“Quartz ore smoke…..Don’t breath this.”

bhartley1024 says:

I have an older model with a self resetting thermal circuit breaker, I’ve had it trip a few times. Must be 15 years old by now.

Seamus says:

Any particular reason you’ve got an Irish pack of cigarettes ?

Seán McNamara says:

Irish cigs!

onradioactivewaves says:

Best unboxing on the internets!

R B says:

11:15 I tried that move on the wife. It didn’t get her going either.

golf-n-guns says:

Proper circuit board shredder:

con cronin says:

Those cigarettes have the first part of the warning in Irish!!

Stephen Halliwell says:

Will it Blend technology?

TwiZ1975cj5 says:

Focus You Fuc&!!! My day is much better. Just aint a BOLTR without a couple one or two of those

Jimmy O. says:

my shop makes about 90% of their blades. neat tid bit the workers are not aloud to get any fingerprints on them and the CNC mills can only use air to cool the part. something about if theirs any oil on them when cutting it can impregnate the stainless with the oils that can leach into foods later. i think the main vitamix plant is based right out of Cleveland Ohio

MinProcEng1 says:

The radical mineral processor’s creedo – Comminution for Liberation!

Dylan Timmers says:

16 years ago a restaurant i worked at bought one….. its still works

JL says:

Dein Deutsch ist wirklich gut!
Your German is pretty good!

moo. says:

Liked for “alarmed hominid”

Addie Hinz says:

You did things to that Blender……bad things.

greenley77 says:

Need a BOLTR on this:

Adrian Mulligan says:

Irish duty-free cigarettes…were you in Ireland recently?

verdatum says:

Marlboro reds? Awww, shame on you. You’re a daddy.

terikotsu says:

There’s a reason that professional kitchens use Vitamix blenders. They’re fucking torquey and skookum as frig. They take a pounding no matter what sized load you put in ’em.

Maxwell Eichman says:

I could smell and feel the quartz in my nose for some reason

ronindebeatrice says:

0:00 German rambling
0:21 Mini chainsaw

Vissen says:

Why did you censor the reflection? Aren’t you a talking camera with arms?

bovinespongiformflu says:

Hey there smart dingleberry mosfets do AC but can only be triggered by DC. As long as the voltage between the gate and the source is DC, a mosfet is essentially a wire

Shane Witter says:

The term is “goes like a striped ass ape”.

Wandering Chicken says:

You opened her up proper this time partner! Thanks!

Bunnyonabender says:

11:40 I was cracking up. Have a great holiday man.

Darieee says:

Aaaaare you sure one of those TO220s isn’t the linear regulator for the digital logic, and the other one a triac ??

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