BLENDTEC vs VITAMIX vs NINJA – Dr. Oz Green Juice Test

Blendtec vs Vitamix vs Ninja – The Blender Babes test and review the the most popular blender model by each of these brands with our Dr. Oz Green Juice test. Note: these are the #1 best seller model by each brand. We will do more comparison tests of different models (with more equal wattage/power) soon! 🙂

This comparison test is between the original Total Blender Classic and Standard Vitamix 5200 and the Ninja Professional – which are all the most popular blenders from each manufacturer.

Blendtec Total Classic $279 –
Vitamix 5200 $329 –
Ninja Professional $90 –

See our full Blendtec vs Vitamix vs Ninja Green Juice Test review:

See our Blendtec vs Vitamix vs Ninja Berry Seed Test here:

Which blender do you have or want? Questions? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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Denali King says:

why are you comparing the lowest speed ninja against the others – get the 1500W ninja and do the test – it is still way cheaper than the others

TheComing IsSoon says:

That’s a fruit smoothie, not a juice

Tina 58503 says:

Why wouldn’t you learn the basic usage of the blenders before a posting a test and review video? Are we supposed to take you seriously? Why not title it “three cute girls wanting to make a video, because they want to watch themselves and giggle, and count the views.” Waste of my time, enjoyed commenting tho! :^)

Analyz Gmz says:

I have the Ninja and it sucks.

koalabearnation says:

i have a different model of the Ninja and it works just fine , my smoothie is smooth. just add some water if you want a smoother consistency . it makes it more into a juice.

Rah L. says:

I actually like texture in my smoothie. I also like to add shredded coconut and walnuts to my smoothie for that extra creamy/chewy texture.


Mmm what could you compare next time ?

Alexmummstheword says:

doesn’t make sense when you use two 300 dollar range blanders vs ninjas 100 dollar blender

Sandra Yañez says:

Donde puedo adquirirlas

Yosian Martinez says:

Thank you ladies!!!! you finally have me decide what my guts were telling me #Vitamax for my smoothies starting my new business…. God will be a good start for my son and I as a single mother, he is exicted to work with me on Saturday.

Tom Cleveland says:

Each container should be blended right before the smear test. It doesn’t take long for the solids to settle. And each drink should be stirred before drinking. Smoothie 101.. SMH

Oscar Valdez says:

ninja is best. Where is the fiber in the other?

TheFedericohiguain2 says:

I must be some sort of crazy blender fan to get a blender for more than $200. I just got the ninja pro and it does the job that I want so far no complaints.

Fuwaiz Khan says:

I have had all three. Hands down for me it’s the vitamix and ninja. My ninja is good. But I have the blendmax duo sooo. Ninja for me. Blendtec Sucks! It is so thick and weird and breaks easily

Ellen Fox says:

VitaMix all the way

Preparing ForSHTF says:

Great concept: Blenders and Babes. Best thing in blender marketing since the “Super Bass-o-Matic ’76.”

You ladies saved me from buying the hype about the Ninja. Thanks.

Elmitote Arandas says:

Love Vitamix….

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

As in life, everything has its purpose. Depending on the smoothies I make, I may prefer more or less texture. As far as zero texture in a smoothie, I’m not a fan off. A smoothie is suppose to have some sort of thickness and texture to it.

Margareth Viteri says:

I love the blender by Karmin

MegaMma4life says:

isn’t that vitamix like 150 dollars more then the ninja

Juicy Krabs says:

fuck vitamix I got a blender from blend tec! hahahaha

Leifer Stieler says:

You get what you pay for.

Bryan Johnson says:

The vitamix contents obviously settled and the liquid came to the top. See how it looks like apple juice?


Thanks for the comparison ladies

Ramon Aceves says:

Vitamix is the best

Mahesh Patel says:

Look up Ninja with Single Serve option. I have it for about three years. It does a great job of mixing things up so you get a creamy smooth texture. Also the small single serve size is convenient. Obviously not too many people drink full jar of juice as shown here….

judge724 says:

Not a good test of consistency. You would have to pour it out right away, not wait a few minutes till it separates.

Jamie Jamie says:

Blendtec wins.

48 says:

Had a Ninja blender years ago. It was disappointing and not much better than the $40 blender from typical store shelf.

IHeArTrOcK20 says:

1:55 to start the test

s scott says:

Vitamix clearly won

NexisFilms says:

Difference between 5200 and the Pro Series 750 ?

Orlando Caballero says:

Hey, you ladies didn’t pick a winner. Looks like it would be the Vita- Mix but hard to certain.

Garth Clark says:

I’d recommend doing the pour onto the white dish test right after the blending…why? As the mixture sits in the container as you doing the taste test, the ingredients separates giving a false yield.
It might also help to do a second test involving items other than soft fruit to fully qualify the blending ability of the three makes. My 2 cents.

BodyRights says:

lol there was a so called Ninja expert who did a demo for a ninja blender a lot like this man in the words of Donald Trump it was a total disaster. He showed that it could crush ice and when he tried to make a daiquiri after he couldn’t secure the blade on the machine nor get the lid on. He ended up transferring the whole ice and drink mix to another new machine. Then he started showing off that there was a frozen dessert button for making ice cream when he pressed it the digital screen kept saying error error. Made me not want to buy the product. But I love the blendtec and the vitamix Tarashaun. By the way do you have the name of this awesome music track that’s in this video? I love trance and techno music.

SidewaysInTraffic says:

I had that Ninja and when I first got it I did the same lol.

Dave C says:

The Ninja’s locking base gave the third babe some grief.

Stephanie Pera says:

paid $50 for my ninja…. and it works wonders. and did the same juice of Dr. Oz and it came out smooth and not chunky.. weird huh Lol. but anyways. I love my ninja.

WhiteTiger333 says:

Also, Blendtec and Vitamix – made in USA. Ninja – made in China. Don’t know how the warranties measure up. I know Vitamix is excellent. I hear that Blendtec is, too.

frankthespank says:

Why does the girl on the right look like she’s in pain when removes the jar?

Angie L says:

Looks like the Ninja is a good choice depending on your needs. Keep up the great videos Ladies..

Sally May says:

lmfao she didn’t even know how to use the ninja blender haha

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