Blendtec Vs. Ninja: Demo and Review

Watch me blend the exact same smoothie at the exact same time, using a Blendtec Total Blender Classic and the Ninja Kitchen System 1100. You’ll see how each work and you be the judge!

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Blendtec Total Blender Classic:

Ninja Kitchen System 1100:

The Blendtec blended the kale, spinach, chia seeds, strawberry seeds and all things in-between into a fine texture, resulting in a delicious smoothie. The Ninja created a beverage with suspended particles of kale and spinach and crunchy seeds. It required chewing and the flavour was nowhere near that of the Blendtec.


Samantha G. Stallybrass says:

Well done! Just what I needed to know. Thanks Melissa and Chad!

Keith Lovell Sr says:

Ninja has the tall carafe with 3 knives for making smoothies and your setting should have been set at liquefy! Not a very good comparison at all! Why would I pay almost $400 for the Blendtec  when my Ninja cost $125? Not a fair comparison at all!

Tim Tim says:


Crank That Artichoke says:

you used the ninja’s food processor toots… :/ Someone must have gotten a from blendtec…

Ryal Wood says:

Has your husband come out of the closet yet?

john cassell says:

Your comparison was terrible. You used the dough maker pitcher and blades on the ninja instead of the blender pitcher and blades. If your going to make a comparison video, make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges! Try again with the correct parts next time and i believe you will have totally different results.

Malach211 says:

you need the 800 series in the ninja to blend the best, the dual blades do the trick.

corymartin100 says:

wow. great video. i found out about blendtec when i went to costco . simple but great machine. its a little pricey but i want one.

Sanjay C. Patel says:

Few points: she seems to be comparing the wrong jars! The Ninja jar she uses is actually for dough. For a fair comparison with the blendtec, she has to use the blending jar. Also, if she just “opened it an hour ago” (the Ninja) she has very little experience and knowledge. Plus, her eloquent description of the mechanics of the blendtec makes me suspicious that she’s connected with the company is some way. Namaste.

Venicestu says:

Why didn’t you use the larger container in this “fair” comparison. Do you get paid by Blendtec??

pschmittable says:

Sorry, that smoothie looks uninviting! I wouldn’t stick any of the kale stocks in a smoothie – just the leavies. I have made smoothies in a cheap blender which came out thick and smooth and delicious. I purchased a Ninja and it is fantastic!! Not convinced that expensive is better.

MatthewX Bennett says:

Guys, guys, guys….. Even if she used the right container for the ninja it will would have no chance against the blendtech or vitamix series blenders. My advice, don’t waste your money on this plastic piece of shit and buy either the blendtech or vitamix which will not mess you around unlike the ninja will

PussMag says:

I have the semi cheapest ninja, the pulse, which cuts everything including ice and plastic, she has the higher end ninja and not cutting kale, is something wrong here?

MatthewX Bennett says:

The ninja is bad, nothing compared to the vitamix or the blendtech. End of

Willistead Park says:

I have gone through numerous blenders over the last couple of years. (I make a smoothie for breakfast every single morning.) I recently bought a Blendtec and just can’t believe the difference. I wish I had bought it years ago; it would have saved me a LOT of money in the long-run.

Nicholas Carrie says:

Have you hear about the blender from karmin? Is amazing!! Is my favorite for my shakes every morning before going to the gym.

Jaime Lannister says:

@melissa maker, when did you get bought and payed for by blendtec?

This is clearly a corrupted test.

Jo Spoogle says:

$100 Ninja, using the wrong attachment, vs $400 Blendtec, with the right attachment…..


erin bastien says:

you are using the wrong ninja attachment….the taller one is the blender

Daniel McNally says:

my ninja has never been that bad always blend perfect

corn snake says:

Starbucks uses vita mix blenders


I truly love my old Vitamix 5200

TonyHickschick says:

Nice review.  I cracked up at the end when chad walked away with the yummy smoothie and I like how you dumped the other in the sink.

Jazzy Jan says:

Why are you using the food processor part of the ninja to blend?

Music Beast101 says:

She’s using the food processor not the BLENDER. LOL

IDont Know says:


Sodium Hydroxide says:

does your husband pay for everything?

susan capulong says:

If ninjas can blend iphones i shit you not
It will be great blender

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