Blendtec Designer vs Signature vs Total Blender Classic vs Stealth Review by Blender Babes

Blendtec Designer vs Signature vs Total Blender Classic vs Stealth Review by Blender Babes. Blender Babe Tarashaun explains the differences and similarities between the Blendtec Total Blender Classic, the original Blendtec Designer, the Blendtec Signature, and the Blendtec Stealth.

PLEASE NOTE: The Total Blender Classic is only sold refurbished and is THE BEST DEAL Blendtec has to offer (see it here blendtec), the original Blendtec Designer has been discontinued but there are several new blenders in the designer series (see link to our designer comparison review below). The Blendtec Signature has been discontinued, but has the same body type as the current new Classic models. Also the Stealth is the commercial version of the Professional 800 – which is the new home version that is almost exactly the same but with a longer 8 year warranty! See all Blendtec models currently available here:

Click here for our Blendtec Designer models Comparison Review:

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Charles Morrison says:

If Ferrari made blenders, these would be the ones lol 

Catherine Miura says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to see the differences between the signature and designer series.

Fergal Scully says:

I live all the way away in Ireland!! Unfortunately this is a problem as I would love to own a Vitamix Pro series 750 or Blendtec Designer 725 but I cannot get them through either company directly as they don’t deliver to Ireland. Amazon dealers and other 3rd parties don’t deliver either. Can you help???
I was thinking or the Optimum 9400 blender. Have you an opinion on that versus the BT and VM? Tx

Yodaismycopilot says:

Is the “pulse” always the same speed? Or can it be adjusted? If not, what speed is “pulse?” Thanks!

Glenn Dsouza says:

Does the jug have any safety feature like locking in place and is there a lot of
play (rotating)  in the base seated position? So if a child rocked the jug while running can it damage the gear cog?

Trish Donley says:

THANK YOU so much for this comparison! After deciding to get a Blendtec I wasn’t sure which one to choose. Now, after having seen the different controls, I know which one I want! 

Kris Kathleen Pasetes says:

Please give her a hair tie! Omg!

Fergal Scully says:

Hi I mentioned earlier that I was interested in buying a VM or BT blender but live in Ireland…
I thought I could get it delivered to a friends address and pay for its shipping to Ireland. I was in touch with both companies to get the dimensions and weigth or both products but I haven’t heard back from them. Would you happen to know the dimensions and weight of the Vitamix Pro series 750 package and the that of the Blendtec Designer 725 so I can estimate postage costs??? Tx F

John Gillis says:

This is a fantastic video! But, IMHO I would really lay back on all the random music and sound effects. But thanks for the hard work!

penguin6636 says:

Vs? It would have been helpful if you had blended them all separately. The only reason I clicked this video was to see the stealth in action vs the other models. Can’t tell the difference when they’re all going at once 🙁 

weerobot says:

Badass Blenders.

vegangelist says:

For the classic, you can actually press and hold the speed up and speed down buttons; you don’t have to make a separate “press” for each speed.

400heavy says:

The Vitamix is much quieter, has a stronger motor and is so simple to use compared to the not-user-friendly Total Blender Classic, which has these ridiculously complex “Programs” that I never used during the entire time that I owned it. I also had to replace the jar (very expensive) because it had rust inside the base of the blade assembly, which was supposed to be a sealed unit (how moisture got inside, I have no idea).  Finally, very poor customer service at Blendtec, when I had to replace the jar (it was out of warranty, even though it was obviously a defect).

Buy a Vitamix instead! I love my Vitamix!  It is the best blender in the world, hands down.

Aryan Gamer says:

4 todel blenders

jamesz2 says:

The sound effects are SO annoying.

Moon says:

Why didn’t you run the Stealth separately so we could hear the volume difference?

Hokie007 says:

Appreciate the video, but I have to say that it would have been better/less annoying without the random disjointed music dispersed throughout. The sound effects were also childish.

Marzia Argenziano, MD says:

I’m Watching a video about blenders on a friday night. Turn up.

Blender Babes says:

+MaicoMoon Sorry!! We plan to do a separate Stealth Review. You have the decibel difference – it’s quite drastic. You can literally have a conversation next to it. 🙂 Thanks for watching! 

Ardeshir Lashkary says:

Are these realistic tests? You don’t even bring the cost of the hi end blenders into account. How many people can afford a $1100 professional blender? Why do we always have to be so class conscious in our comparisons!? The question is do you get a slightly smoother blend at 3x the price? Perhaps, but is that a realistic comparison for the average consumer? I purchased the blendtec and Oster Versa 1100 the blendtec was 3.5 times the cost not 3.5 times better by a long shot. The point is a commercial kitchen or company testers can justify these costs based on return on investment, or the fact that they get them for free but not the average consumer.

randolfcedric01 says:

I can’t find any blendtec dealer here in Philippines. 🙁

Chio Wagner says:

Great review thank you. Where do you suggest buying the classic?

Bluesocks 11 says:

Does the Designers have the kill switch on the touch screen?

Audrey DeMerse says:

Hello! How well does the designer series make nut butters? I’m debating on which blender I want. The Blendtec or Vitamix. Thanks so much!!

Bluesocks 11 says:

I wonder which Blender is more quiet Stealth of the Quiet one. I heard the quiet one is the quietest  in commercial use.

plumi75 says:

Thank you for the review. Really well presented. I dont like the background video though 🙂 You were a great help to compare different devices. You are so lucky in the US. Here in Europe the prices are double and only very limited models are offered. Besides…. the US model doesnt work in Europe due to 220-240V at 50Hz power grid were in the US you run 120V power usage. Any suggestion were to buy Blendtec in Europe, e.g. UK or Germany? Thank you.

zaraman0077 says:

I really like the noise values of the stealth since I will be using it to make green smoothies at 5 AM. The noise values that are shown in video in db at what distance where they measured and what was being mixed at the time? What is the highest value seen out of the Blendtec 800 at any time?

Samar Abdulla says:

is it work in 220v

Rafael R Ferreira Mota says:

What about the professional Series?

Lavender Beach says:

How many decibels are Vitamix blenders?

KravDr says:

Awesome review!! Very well spoken and presented. You showed your human side when you made a mistake when turning it on (we all make mistakes). You are beautiful and did a wonderful presentation. Thank you!!

Ch3aBy says:

what the hell is wrong with the background music?

pablo avina says:

Great review.

scpumpchump says:

Blenders do not hold well to the base or the table.  Appear to be bouncing all over.

Zamfir Channel says:

according to the blendtec website, the stealth is only $1,500!

Blender Babes says:

Great question +Tooba Sheikh! We are working on a vitamix comparison video which will have decibels. Stay tuned!

Jerome okenwa says:

I wanna know how much each cost

Happily Vegan says:

I had a ninja, it sucked. At my job there is a blendtec which is powerful and does make smooth smoothies, but I decided to go with a vitamix and I’m so happy I did. Vitamixes are so much more versatile. Mine was $500 because $1000 is getting a little ridiculous. I definitely like it more than the blendtec. The tamper stick makes a big difference.

Jon Macklin says:

Are these blenders good for someone who wants to make a smoothie every day as well as making almond milk and some other stuff occasionally. I’m looking for a blender that’s not going to wear out very fast especially if I spend $400+ on it.

Allene Jue says:

Hi! Do all the blenders make the same type of smoothie consistency? I get a smoothie from a place that uses the Stealth blender, but not looking to spend $1500! Does the blade / power matter? Or will all smoothies come out the same regardless.

Mykl says:

Good review… HATE the annoying sound effects…

JoelleDunn says:

went from blenderbabes d c forward slash blendtec. Not only didn’t it give me free shipping, when I called CSR at Blendtec she basically told me I was an idiot.  So, unfortunately I don’t know that I’ll be buying from them unless you guys can make it right. 

Biz Diva says:

Awesome review! I would love to have seen the Stealth blender in operation by itself to get a sense of how much noise dampening there is actually. With the understanding that the Stealth is designed for commercial (i.e. hard daily driver use), If purchasing for “at home” use I would have an issue with a $1500 blender having only a 3 yr warranty while its lesser siblings have 7/8. My Classic came with an 8 yr warranty some years ago.

Imworthy2 says:

Awesome review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bluesocks 11 says:

WOW thanks for making this! First time I see the signature in action.

Jeremy Gonzalez says:

god the sound effects and music are incredibly annoying.

Lee Robin says:

Please check your closed caption wording. Blender is spelled Blunder. You might want to check the rest of the closed captioned wording for mistakes. Your video was very helpful though. The best out there.

Lavender Beach says:

Do any of these have cord storage?

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