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Blender is a FREE 3D modeling, animating, composting, and game engine. This is compatible with both Mac & PC.

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Mary Elizabeth Bauer says:

Can you export to .3rd format?

James Solomon says:

hey. do you teach a Udemy course and or recommend one?

Art is life says:

I am not going to watch this video just because the volume is very low .. please improve it

MarcinP2 says:

I found weight painting to be functioning badly and not a time saver.
The quality of weight maps is bad unless you paint them by vertex.

Blender has a tendency to create jagged patterns.

There is no option to use 3D brush, you are stuck with raycast, which is bad if you have any back facing faces in your stroke.

I found a workaround for Transfer Weights by subdividing the source mesh.

Blurr is really “Flatten values”.

In Modo I can create second 3D view and disable deformations in it.



Javin Fulson says:


Dorin B says:

how do you program for android ?

iReviewApps says:

Sweet man! 🙂

Mahesh Benkar says:

Awesome software

Exploshi says:

nice reveiw! i have always used blender and i subbed☺

Dzenan Brkic says:

what should I do? when I open up blender it says “Can’t detect 3D hardware acceleration”.. anybody hep?

iReviewApps says:

I agree! Its amazing 🙂

Vlad Cold says:

All who wanna use the software prepare yourself: it definitely wins contest for the ABSOLUTE SHITTIEST ERGONOMICS of any 3d program I’ve worked with.
Contest participants included text-input code-based like POV-ray, 3d-visualization programs made by lowest Chinese bidder(ugh..), and feature-overloaded CAD software with over 3000 functions.
Blender beats them all in interface shittiness. There is NO “inner logic” to find in Blender interface organization. You have to memorize it…

iReviewApps says:

Yup 🙂

Graphic .J says:

How do the developers make money making this free?


I have some questions about this program.

1.) How do you add cel-shading if say you wanted to do a cel-shaded 3D cartoon?

2.) How can you change the aspect ratio of the camera between 1.78 and 2.39?

3.) How can you import these 3D models into a program with 2D animation? (ex. Adobe Flash or Toon Boom Harmony)

4.) How can you transition from in-game cutscene to gameplay with this game engine?

5.) How do you customize your gameplay styles? (ex. I thought about making a 3D platformer for home consoles, and one of the character’s abilities would be to freely fly for unlimited time, with and without a jetpack)

6.) While using the integrated game engine, how do you animate water and/or allow your character to swim underwater for a limited/unlimited amount of time?

7.) When it comes to filming live action, how do you integrate the CGI into the live footage, or even practice using the CGI over the live footage? (Like how live action/cartoon hybrids like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, “Looney Tunes: Space Jam”, and “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” did it)

8.) Can realistic models be used with unrealistic models? (Again, following my statement at question #7, but without the live footage part)

9.) How do you animate rubber?

10.) How do you import music and sound effects into Blender and can it support Audacity and other sound programs?

ildjhk? poasid says:

Blender’s UI isn’t really fixed, the properties tab, the outliner, the 3D view port and everything on screen can be changed to the UV image editor, the node editor, the sequencer, and the aforementioned. You can also simply add new areas by splitting the view port for example to maybe create a material node setup, composite a scene or rig a model or any other editor. There are loads of ways you can setup the screen to increase work flow. Once you get the hang of the damned UI, you fall in love with It. It’s absolutely amazing.

Swarm Theory says:

Blender is alot harder to use than Cienma4D…
Also, the new render engine in blender ”Cycles” is able to compete with the big renders like V-Ray, Octane and the Physical render in Cinema4D…

iReviewApps says:

Just uploaded the comparison video Cycles vs Internal render

Alex Zhou says:

they already did, like ten years ago. It’s kinda like team fortress 2, where you had to pay for a while but it was free afterwards;

Max Johnson says:

can you motion cap with this?

dj squid says:

Looks like cinema 4d

partyjet12 says:

Is it free

Big Boy Animation says:

they take the name of this program from the machine that cut the meets? its called Blender

CodeKillerz says:

you sure its free?

iReviewApps says:

I would highly recommend it! Its very nice 🙂

DarkMailLiamP says:

Omg I never knew it was free o-O

Banny Zayn says:

are you use macbook pro ? or imac ?

iReviewApps says:

Then why do people like Andrew Price, Jonathan Williams, and david Ward use it professionally and make a living off of it?


Great Video Lewis I might try this software

Facehunter2003 says:

at our school we use sketch-up but at my home I use blender my class was a piece of cake because I already knew how to 3D model 😀 thanks for showing your review because I wanted to see what others thought of.

MrAcPilot says:

blender is for noobs

RetroFanaminna says:

So downloading this

David Garner says:

I personally would not recommend Blender – a lot of the tools/functions do not work the way you would want them to. To sum up Blender is buggy compared to all the other 3D packages.

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