Blender Art Critique – Your renders reviewed

For the first time in a long time, I’m critiquing and reviewing artwork sent in by the community. Let me know if you want to see more vids like this.
To send in art for a future episode, go to and post your image to the group with #bgcritique.


Roland Kontson says:

Don’t agree with the wrinkle comments on a few of the critique videos I’ve seen.
Emotions like surprise and simply age with or without the wear of a long day(s) seriously changes one’s face. You’ll have some folds and wrinkles on your eyelids that you can’t count ’em all :D. Or from forcing your face onto your neck, by tilting it forward…
Other stuff on the art perspective is subjective, normal. Love the tutorials and insight into your experience.

jnagtube says:

Andrew, you obviously have never seen some of the cafes in Melbourne haha

Cadelier ! says:

I LOVE THIS! Thank you!

I never took an art class and do not have an eye for art at all. When I try to come up with details, I am lost. Hopelessly lost! This helps tremendously because I can actually see and understand where the details come from. You may think it is common sense to put a texture on a shirt — even more so, a particular one. Yet, I could sit and stare and it will never click that a shirt should have a texture like you described and how to get it. Most of all, you explain how you notice a particular detail that is missing or wrong. I will keep in mind your train of thoughts on these images for my own. Oh, another great thing this video provides, you show how to critique an image. One of my current goals is to consistently critique other people’s artwork. I think it provides for necessary skills that I am definitely lacking, including noticing and adding in detail.

I would like to make a request. I would like to see a video where you display multiplies of the same image in different qualities. You could create an image and have people try to copy it without (obviously) creating a tutorial for it. It would be also interesting to see the different skill levels of your viewers. And who knows? It might help you decide content. I think this will help because then we can see what makes an image better than another one and you could explain the differences in quality like how you explained the problems in this video. If you this is a bad idea, that is okay, lol.

Paxton says:

“There are things I like about this image and things that I don’t like… so let’s start with the things I don’t like!”
*moves on without saying that he likes anything*

MirceaKitsune says:

I like this series! We get to see good Blender renders from multiple artists, and learn things based on them as well. Please continue this!

GAME ZONE 9000 says:

Great account – Blender is awesome!!

Mark Vandehip says:

Kickass coffee shop, Andrew just has bad taste! LOOKS GREAT!

samljer says:

the noise on those beans would have been perfect if the beens were almost black.
the background is fire, probably a roaster door.

Rahin Dawjee says:

What the heck happened at the end of the video, at 23:23? Was that supposed to be in there?

Dhruv Gramopadhye says:

I see this man roasting these coffee beans

Locust Lab says:

Should rename this to blender art roast. Could be meaner and make rude jokes about the art, and then the complements can wait til the end with a 1-however many there are scale of rating 🙂

vamshi vams says:

how do I do this in Maya

Clayton Allen says:

I am still learning to transition from traditional sculpting mediums to digital, but as far as the last review goes, I think that John Brown’s Gnomon sculpting videos can help anyone that wants to learn how to look of the human form in the round in both an artistic and technical way.

Lukas Sprehn says:

These videos are great, but there sure is a lot to disagree with you over in my mind.

shaunsprogress says:

“Ah, death… Death and bleach…”

Ann Other says:

You shouldn’t drink coffee on a hammock!

mattspawn1975 says:

I loved it. Would really like to see more similar to this. I felt I learned something as well as being inspired.

Blender tutorials 666 says:

the blenders?
bread is pain

Ben L says:

the only reason i watch these is because you look like a guy i know

James Gije says:

OMG “This Guy” is Einstein And it is very good Einstein 😉

Ayan Barnwal says:

the marble material is most likely mixed diffuse and glossy. I would recommend an add shader or using pbr nodes and node groups.

Happy guy Amazing videos says:

Please teach all the physics simulation using force fields etc

Kimera says:

I personally find this videos useful but at the same time I feel overwhelmed by how much I have to learn, yes I’m a noob.

Nico Kart says:

Do more please! All these great images inspire me

John Diasparra says:


Japunis Japunis says:

10:25 Did anyone else notice the “studied deine mama”? 😀 (its german for “your mother”)

VVk Subba says:

Hi,can we send a non blender artwork for critique? 😛 we dont have blender training here.

They Are Suxes says:

Great videos!

TechHacks 2.6M views says:

Blender guru any facial muscle tutorial will be great

KehkehCringe says:

I leant to make a flag today…

Wolfgang Baron says:

Great comments containing a lot of details I wouldn’t have thought of. My advice for making it even better would be to keep it just a little bit shorter. You can cut out repetitions and shorten lists of examples. Please do more of these, as they are really informative.

Gaming OS says:

Your critique of #2 wasn’t good. The artwork doesn’t have to have an natural feel, the artist may have wanted a muted modern tone, I have seen houses that look almost exactly like that; also, using my architectural knowledge that kitchen is almost definitely not facing nature so a wouldn’t wouldn’t make since, and also just wouldn’t fit in with the clutter. Adding a window would probably make the image along worse and less consistent.

shoe says:

“guy” lmao does he not know who is einstein?

Andy Chamberlain Music says:

I thought the black liquid (oil? fuel?) at the bottom right of the mad max-esque one looked really fake. It should have been soaked into the sand but it was completely smooth.

Mohammad Ahmer Malick says:

Believe me you can dance Andrew Price.

jordu fi says:

can i pass you a photo via email and also the blender file, to critique my photo and you can drectly adjust it on the blender file

Coleclaw says:

I’m surprised he didn’t notice the glaring missing detail from the Mad Max style car. HOW DO YOU GET IN?????

Piece Digital Games says:

Have you made a video on tips for aspiring artists with little to no money? Especially for kids that haven’t even entered high school yet, there are a lot of people that can’t afford a lot of the stuff you might recommend. If they’re using Blender chances are they don’t have a lot of money. That’s why I use it.

Damien Poblete says:

“Death and Bleach” omg x) Brutal

MrNobodyX3 says:

10:15 Also make it fluid, everything is aligned to a grid make it look used, someone has been there right?

Nicole Rodri says:

I think the last artist was going for a more unique style. Like a cartoon vibe with a realistic touch. I’ve seen that a lot lately.

madtrade says:

i think he is a great modeler
but half of the ‘critics’ about the composition are utterly retarded

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