Best Shaker Bottle / Blender Bottle For Protein Shakes (TOP 5 REVIEW)

➡ Blender Bottle Pro Stack:
➡ Blender Bottle Classic:

➡ Blender Bottle Radian:

➡ Blender Bottle Pro45:

➡ Contigo Shake & Go:

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Best Shaker & Blender Bottle For Protein Shakes (TOP 5 REVIEW). In this video, Jeff covers the Best Shaker Bottles and Best Blender Bottles. He discusses design, capacity and cost among other features. Overall, Jeff loves using Blender Bottles for post gym protein shakes. Thanks for watching this video.

Best Shaker Bottles Review:

Best Pre-Workout Powder Supplements:

Best Vegan Protein Powders:

Best Protein Bars:

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Ryan MACK says:

Anything with chocolate banana and peanut butter

Bruno Maia says:

Hey Jeff!! Can we buy your Rizknows shirt?? Make them available for us!

joshgillespie22 says:

Haven’t took the dive into the shakes yet but been reading a lot about. Good video as always

Reddit ARTC says:

i don’t drink protein shake. ☹️

Skylar Griego says:

I didn’t know I needed this video until you posted it. Thank you, this is great information! I kind of just want to get all 4 (because I hate bad smells but I’m also really lazy). About the metal one, does it get that awful soapy metal taste in it after washing the first time? I hate metal water bottles because I can always taste soap and metal after the first wash.

Christian Cabahug says:

I don’t have a favorite protein shake recipe, because I don’t even know one protein shake recipe.

Oliver pham says:

Don’t drink much of it but when I do I go for whey

Alex Fick says:

I tried powder once with my regular bottle and it was inevitably very powdery. Since then I’ve been drinking premade Odawalla Shakes, so I don’t exactly have a recipe, but I do like their shakes.

Olivia Hammill says:

Thank you very helpful

PlanesTrainsAutos says:

I order all my supplements from TigerFitness, and they give you free shakers. They use the Cyclone Cups. The Blender Bottles suck. All of them. Those little metal balls… bleh! Cyclone Cup is way better, and has the attachment on the bottom as well.

Kyle Beard says:

Chocolate banana peanut butter

joshx413 says:

Ehh. That’s like the most basic shaker ever. You can get significantly better ones, with the bottom attachment, for the same price. That’s the kind of shaker you get for free when you spend more than $50 at a supplement store.

robert laurence says:

great video jeff and co. sorry but we don’t do shakes but we do smoothies. the mango one from wal=mart is great though

Fábio Augusto says:

I’m from Brasil , and want to say thank you for your excellent job.

Samantha Turn says:

Haha well I’m out of shape and don’t really drink protein shakes. At all. But hey maybe I will, I mean I watch rizknows videos all the time so by now I should be at least a little inspired to get off my butt and be active haha

Sarah H says:

I just use a tupperware container bottle. Lid flips open and twists off and you shake it LOL. It also has the marks on the side of ounces. And I think i spent five bucks on it. Ive used powered from gnc in the past. Now I’m going to try my own.

Ryan Frentz says:

I’ve tried a few, the pro45 is hands down my favorite. I can drink my preworkout, then fill with ice water. Hit the gym for a few hours. Still have enough water left to add some post workout. Also if I’m drinking some Huel, it’s large enough for 3 scoops of Huel and a scoop of protein powder. Rounded bottom and heavy wisk are also great as well.

Daphne DPics says:

This is good to know. Thanks Jeff.
I love chocolate protein powder, 1/4 banana, 8 oz. coffee 2 oz. water, baby spinach, a dash of coconut extract. So yummy!

Jérôme Xu says:

Thanks for the video . I was looking for a shake.

Ahmed Elsayed says:

I would say peanut butter, protein powder of your choosing preferably vanilla and some almond milk with a little bit of regular milk and ice … best ever!

CheapAssReviews says:

Whey too expensive 🙂

Jason Outmezguine says:

I think the Blender Bottle Classic is best suited for me.

Ronan Griffin says:

Favourite recipe definitely PB, milk, greek yoghurt, bannana, vanilla protein.

joshx413 says:

Cyclone shaker bottle or vortex shaker are both very good/affordable alternatives. Vortex is GREAT for at home use. And cyclone “blends” the protein much better than a ball imo.

David Woodard says:

I use my blender bottle all the time. My favorite protein shake recipe is plan vanilla coffee shake… vanilla almond milk, cold brew coffee, vanilla protien powder, stevia, and ice.

Ross Bagatski says:

My favourite protein shake is a protein bar. You can shake it if you want but it tastes good even without shaking.

Joe Burman says:

Have you tried the one that was featured on shark tank I believe it’s called the ice shaker? And thanks for your videos about mattresses and going in depth, it help my decision on picking nest Alexander Hybrid recently. Been about 2 weeks and your right it really is a luxurious feel.

Jonathan Boyd says:

I do protein powder, almond milk, peanut butter, chia seeds, spinach, and banana.

bill he says:

Don’t Have a recipe,any recommendations?

TheWhatevadiva says:

Chocolate protien powder and strawberries

upagupta das says:

I am not much into water bottles but loved the video

Whaley Ocean says:

Protein shake recipe :•Protein powder isolate any favor, spinach, one banana, and milk or water. Perfect before and post workouts 🙂

Cutler Bay says:

I have never been a big fan of the whisk ball. I don’t think it does a good job of mixing the powder elements. Personally I like the blades, I believe it makes for a much better mix.

Martin LaVare says:

Free is best…but thanks for an informative video and if I ever get into protein shakes I will make sure to go for the Pro Stack…

Sandy Baez says:

Lmao talk about a brand deal sheesh

Mitchell Perez says:

Vega protein mix with frozen strawberries and blueberries, banana, peanut butter, and milk. Tastes amazing. Sometimes I’ll throw in some spinach too haha

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