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Best Ninja Blender 2018. In this video, Kaite walks you through the best Nutri Ninja Blenders. She discusses overall blend power, auto-iq settings and cleaning difficulty. See which Ninja she thinks is the best budget blender 2018, best compact blender 2018 and best blender for smoothies. Some of the blenders discussed in this video include the Nutri Ninja pro, the Ninja Professional and the Ninja Chef high-speed blender. Ninja makes a ton of different blender models so hopefully this video helps make your decision a little easier.

Best Ninja Blender 2018 Write-Up:

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Rodney Thomas says:

Just being real the title was “best ninja blender 2018”, but all I heard was a bunch of what she dislikes about the product… did I miss something?

Ritchie Rosson says:

Please be less shouty. Otherwise great video.

Jaeden Jenkins says:

I don’t really drink smoothies

Kyle Beard says:

I like chocolate and banana smoothies.
This is super helpful. Thanks. I like to use cups.

Ruby Carr says:

I think I have one of the first Nijas that came out and still Love it!! Works great for all we do I don’t do smoothies unless you count chocolate ice cream and milk. As a smoothie. Lol. Have a great day !!


Hi Riznows team, you make great content that is helpful for everyday use and consumption. Unfortunately The internet and many people in America feel they can be openly rude to people because they have an IP to hide behind. If people really dislike like one of your members that’s their loss. If they don’t like the free information you are giving they can go somewhere else to get it. If it’s not hurting your bottom line and/or you don’t care, keep doing what you are doing with whomever you want in front of the camera.

Christian Cabahug says:

Chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, with almonds and marshmallows.

M PL says:

I’ve got the Ninja myself & it can with lots of accessories however I too don’t care for the pitcher (it does not blend well). I only use my cup blender- it’s blends better I make my smoothies & hummus in it all the time. Bonus it’s easy to clean as well. I give this review a thumbs down because it felt like a pro Vitamix review & honestly you’re buying a Ninja because Vitamix is out of your price range. I would like to have known if the cups are interchangeable between the various Ninjas.

Eddie Bailey says:

Awesome video, strawberry smoothies are the best

Alex Ocegueda says:

I don’t make my own smoothies but I like the carrot karma at Jamba juice

John Tam says:

Doing a video on the “Best Ninja”, but has to let you know that you are still sub-standard to what she has. Another narcissist with a Vitamix maybe? This is really about her Vitamix being far superior. Even if you got the exact same Vitamix that she has, her’s would still somehow be better. lol

Ryan Jasperse says:

Banana-Strawberry all the way!

Milan Velghe says:

Strawberry + banana

DELTABOY04 says:

peanut butter powder, almond milk..bananas some oats and yogurt…

Paul says:

THE FOUNDATION OF YOUTH recipe I use in my Nutribullet : Two handfuls kale½ avocado (pitted and peeled)1 medium nectarine (pitted)½ cup blueberries10 walnut halves

Fill to the max line 
with spring water or 
almond milk

Scott Wallace says:

Yay another Kaite video! Also to others, she’s still trying her best and I know she’ll do better with more time and experience 🙂 And my fav smoothies are strawberry and banana, plus strawberry shortcake off of Jamba Juice’s secret menu!

Darren Higa says:

I have the ninja one and it works

Resort says:

I just want a basic ass blender just for blending my protein with ice and milk bannana oats and penut butter. i dont need all this pro shit xD

DuckHeroMB says:

There is nothing wrong with this girl! You jerks, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this review, nor her. One thing I do agree with y’all on is getting rid of those dumb mattress reviews.

Kevin S says:

my Ninja 900w works just fine!

DELTABOY04 says:

this woman is amazing!

Matt Xiu says:

Bananas, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and a little bit of milk!!

Ramon Suarez says:

I used to have a Ninja with the stacked blades. I didn’t like it and got a Vitamix. Your review is spot on! Maybe you should review Vitamix and Blendtec and maybe some of the other cheaper alternatives. I think I can trust your reviews!

Jahr Turchan says:

fav recipe… 1 can of frozen juice concentrate (your choice), 1 pint of vanilla ice cream, tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 cup of milk (or coconut milk). YUMM

Alex Tharman says:

Pretty much anything that’s got mangoes and/or peaches in it!

Callum Clarke says:

Fav smoothie receptive is banana strawberries and blueberries

Chad Cronise says:

Banana, Pineapple, spinach, chia seeds

Reza Molavi says:

I use these bad boys and like them very much.

Akadaker says:

Fav smoothie is just frozen mixed berries, other fruits, ice and water.

FW Ges. says:

jesus christ your voice no fkn way i can listen going over to walmart and read their reviews

Bluelight Gaming says:

I don’t know why people hate on the stacked blades. Unless you’re an idiot and don’t know how to grab it by the top and take it out before pouring, then you are going to get cut or have them fall out while pouring. And having blades all the way up the pitcher makes total sense to me rather than expecting the blades on the bottom to pull everything down and have to use the plunger.

michael carosielli says:

Root Beer Float smoothies!!!

liz Oleson says:

You should do good smoothies

Vorbeck Family says:

my favourite is
chocolate spread
peanut butter
great video

Paramveer Singh says:

Peanut butter and bananas and a few raspberries

Derek Schadek says:

chocolate protein, banana, milk, peanut butter

Shannon w says:

fav. is banana strawberry dark cherry and coconut milk

Gabriel Raphi says:

Literally Strawberry

Chris Henman says:

Apple juice with any frozen fruit!! Maybe with orange juice if feeling risky with heart burn

A Touch of Luv says:

check out my channel A touch of luv and subscribe

SissyWise says:

I don’t have a specific favorite, just whatever fruit and Greek yogurt we have in the fridge. Thanks for the review Katie.

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