Best Blender for Juicing. Blendtec vs Vitamix – Blender Juicing Blend Off Featuring a Dr. Oz – Juice

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About the – Juicing – Blend Off
The – Juicing – blend off aims to show you that you are able to – blend – your larger whole foods and ingredients into a easily drinkable smooth juice, which in some cases can be compared to a – juice – from a – juicer. Juicing – in a – high power blender – has many perks, for one, you don’t have to chop your ingredients into little pieces, you can place big chunks of whole foods, into the – blender – jar or container, and the – Blendtec – or – Vitamix – blender will be able to – blend – and liquify those ingredients. Our goal is to show you which of the blender models – Vitamix – and – Blendtec – offer is the – best blender – for -juicing.

Perks of Blending over Juicing
Juicing vs blending, the age old question, which is better? The fact is both are absolutely amazing for you and we highly recommend doing both for optimal health. Juicing – in a – blender – is much more cost effective and saves time, there is less clean up, less mess, and you will use 1/3 third of the produce to get the same amount of – juice – into your body. You will retain 100% of the fiber from the nutrients which is a big perk to those of you that are older, because as you get older, nutritionists say it is better to get more fiber into your diet.

Why a Dr. Oz Green Juice
Dr. oz is a famous celebrity doctor that takes the time the come up with great – recipes – for all types of diets. His – Oz – fans love his Dr. Oz Green Juice – Recipe – it’s great for a detox diet, great for weight loss, and has been recognized by nutritionists as one of the best green juice recipes out there. it’s packed with fiber and an assortment of ingredients, which some regular blenders have trouble with.

Blendtec vs Vitamix?
We did this comparison series to show you the differences between the Blendtec vs Vitamix blender models. Blendtec blenders and Vitamix blenders are the two most highest regarded blenders in the commercial blending industry, every other company is trying to catch up to Blendtec or Vitamix, or at least compete with them, but few have made a product that is able to do the types of blends, and produce the types of consistencies that these two amazing commercial blenders are able too. Blendtec vs Vitamix – blender juicing – blends. Our goal is to show you which is the – best blender – for – juicing.

Blender Models we used
In this Blend off we used, from left to right, the Vitamix S50 S Series blender, the Vitamix C Series 6300 blender, the Vitamix G Series 750 blender, the Blendtec Designer Series 725 blender, and the Blendtec Classic Series 575 blender. These are the top performers for these companies in their class. Each Class: S Series, C Series, G Series, Designer, and Classic, has their own unique design with differences in interface controls, motors, operating controls, and come with different jars and containers. To learn more about the differences between these blender models, please read our full review.

About the Blend Off Blender Blends
The Blendoffs aims to inform people about the capabilities of High Powered Blending through creative content videos. Blended – Recipes – and – Blends – between the Blendtec vs Vitamix – blender – and the Nutribullet vs Ninja – Blender. Vitamix Recipes, Blendtec Recipes, Nutribullet Recipes, and Ninja Blender – Recipes – taste better and come out smoother than – recipes – made in a – Regular Blender. Blendtec – Vitamix – Nutribullet – and Ninja Blenders are high powered high speed blenders which can replace 8 or more appliances in your kitchen.


Margareth Viteri says:

My Favorite is the blender by Karmin

judith faithinlife says:

is that the designer 725?

Brandvegn says:

It must be cold with those sleeveless shirts! Glad the one person was wearing a wool hat while blending inside so she can surviving those extreme September temperatures. Stay strong and warm in those crazy winter temps. I am donating 30 dollars to Doctor Oz and asking him to buy you either a 3 quart jar for you guys or a coat. Don’t want you to have to deal with thick juice or cold September weather where you guys are. Stay strong and warm! Liquefy Designer Series Style~!

Allan Johansen says:

blendtec 4 life , i agree blendtec makes the smoothis really smooth , if you’re gonna drink smoothies everyday its great to have that kevel of quality in the smoothies , i dont like the frothy creamy texture that cheaper blenders has , blendtec really liquifies it

Joseph Boynton says:

Is it because of the wild side jar that makes it Blend better? I mean, if you had an old blendtec could you use a wild side jar to “upgrade” it?

I Am Rochester says:

another bullshit video…you fail to add water at the start to any….if you want to see how you blend you should visit blending with Henry he is all over YouTube…please make better video’s instead of this stage act…or get tips from Henry..

irishguy13 says:

Wildside jar has 5 sides. You screwed up.

Brigitty Mejia says:

I like the video , I don’t understand why I see many bad comments. Even though a liquid base was suppose to be added to all the smoothies. But it really shows the power of each blender, and anyway many regular consumers of these blender forget liquid base on the smoothies. Best of luck guys !

Marco Sartori says:

what? the S couldn’t do it?

alchemy philosopher's stone says:


TroutFisher27 says:

Have you guys tried the Kitchenaid Proline series? Do you have any opinions on that one. I know that is a new one. Can’t decide between the Kitchenaid with 3.5hp or the Vitamix 780.

Thanks for any input.

Mikael Nilsson says:

It is so obvious that he is a Blendtech-fan and she is a Vitamix-fan so why don’t you make all comparisons blindfolded?

Ho Lee Phuk says:

That guy sleeps on her couch and cries when she brings dudes home from the bar.

Ruben Kelevra says:

The Blendtec looks more consistent while the Vitamix has two parts. You can see this at 4:21. So the Blendtec clearly wins this round. 🙂

Gangularis says:

Dr. Oz is a quack, just FYI. Love these blenders, though.

inio says:

I cant look at them wash their teeth with juice.Thats what cause cavities and plaqua , you basicly destroying your teeth.Buy a big re-usable straw , I’am using glass wide straw all the time.

Nicole Hafen says:

I’ve been trying to decide which blender to purchase and I’ve watched a couple of your videos. Now I feel more confused on which to buy because sometimes you say the C series tastes better and other times you say the Designer series tastes better. Which would your recommend for someone who is wanting to make green smoothies every day?

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