BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Personal Blender REVIEW *Better Than Nutri Bullet!* Smoothies

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helpfulnatural says:

When using this blender, do you have to push it down & turn again to stop the blender, or just turn it?

Barbara Soto says:

I brought mine from boscov, on sale for 19.99. haven’t used it yet

Cathy Baby says:

hate nutribullet

Cathy Baby says:

i love this bella it better than nutribullet

Cathy Baby says:

ninja auti iq bullet is good too

Phynomeagle says:

The blade spinner (the part that extrudes out of the base of the unit that turns the blades) on the Bella blender I currently have (NOT THIS MODEL!!!) are made out of plastic and have worn down to the point where it no longer makes contact with and turns the blade. You never showed the inside the base of the blender, so my question is what are the blade spinners made out of? Are they metal or plastic/rubber? I know generally the blade on the blade itself is made out of rubber (or some other polymer or polyurethane).

One other problem I had with my Bella (AGAIN, NOT THIS MODEL) was the that the additional travel lids did not completely seal on the cups, so they would leak when turned upside down. Do you have that problem with this model…this looks to me more of an updated model, so I would expect Bella have addressed that issue.

Caine Aviz says:

They are 19.99 at my local walmart i bought two

Phissith Ottha-Hekenon says:

YOu need to add more water!! Oh I got 5x at Macy’s for only $24.99!

Caine Aviz says:

Make more videos with this emulcifier

83oceanomare says:

Hi, this review is so helpful! I want to buy this blender today but I was reading bad reviews on that.. who tells that the cup goes stuck after two times.. who tells that the motor burnt after few smoothies.. Are you still happy with your Rocket pro? 😀

Dagmar Kugler says:

The extractor blade is very short lived. It starts leaking black slimed substance into the food after a month of use or so. Replacement blades are expensive and in back order. Tried to disassemble the damaged part to see what the black goop was, but it is not made for repair.

Cathy Baby says:

u dont need ice Hun

Christian Riches says:

awow how Miraculous God bless everybody thanks)

Matab Dhillon says:

Nice blender

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