Beauty Blender Foundation Review

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Today I’m finally reviewing the Beauty Blender Bonce foundation. Watch to hear my thoughts on it. If you’ve had a chance to try it, what did you think of it?


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Sophia Spiropoulos says:

I have the same thing, obviously not nearly as bad as dark skinned people, but my skin is always like one or two shade lighter than the lightest shade of foundation, which is super annoying, so i get where your coming from but I think focusing on the darker side of the spectrum is so much more important right now

SteviiLove says:

Damn girl, you’re beautiful

Lollie Harris says:

Thank you so much for talking about it not being trendy (inclusivity). I don’t wear foundation because I can’t find the correct pigment. I’m a brown Latina and I can never find the right under tone. I have to wear B.B. creams or cc creams because it’s easier to conform to my skin. It’s irritating when I want to wear a full coverage foundation but I can’t find my shade.

Leila Leila says:

So we’re just gon sit here and not talk about how she’s got perfect blemish free skin?

Mary Hernández says:

Why does your face shine that much? What do you do to have it so smooth that it actually reflects light like a mirror???

Average Shiv says:

They really did fuck up with this there was such big jumps in colour for darker complexions. They also made a lot of people look grey and ashy. About the 50 shades of beige that’s so true but they also didn’t have fair shades. It seems the shade range started at a light tan had tons of tans with different undertones and had 4 darker shades that they had for “inclusivity”

Stacy J, MBA says:

Your skin is POPPIN….Gorgeous

dottie mathews says:


lucy wells says:

oh my god you are so beautiful

Mara Willman says:

Your skin is sooo beautiful! You don’t even need foundations! Xoxoxo

AndreaDance says:

I think you hit the nail on the head with all of your insights. Keep talking and creating change. btw I think that foundation looks good on you.

Moe Scared says:

Video starts around 4:00 minute mark

1212kimmey says:

Girl I understand what you was saying but you kept going on and on I watched the hold video of you talking about something you said you really don’t want to talk about! I didn’t even find out if the product was any good I gave up!

Alexandriteness says:

As someone whos so pale, its hard to find a foundation color light enough, i can say, relatable.

Bojana Ristić says:

Here’s a thing..I’m all about inclusivity,and all of that but here are some facts..There aren’t many people,if even any other people who have skin as dark as yours,and the same goes for extremely light skin tone shades..It doesn’t really pay off to brands to mass produce those shades just for a couple people in the world that may not even buy the foundation..Sad,but true,soo yeaaaah…..

Kristy says:

There are more deep shades than fair shades. The shade range focuses medium skin tones at launch, but that’s not to say they’ll never come out with more shades later on.

Natasha says:

I’m light skinned which means I do have a better chance of getting a foundation but even I still struggle to find one that actually matches my skin tone that isn’t so pale or so dark. Can’t even imagine what my darker sisters go through

bubble gum says:


JolieInc says:

Nyma is so classy. Quick observation if you didn’t match the foundation to your chest and neck, you wouldn’t have a shade match. Your face is much deeper than your neck and chest. So for all those with deeper and richer tones similarly to Nyma’s face you are out of luck. But BB wants you to please continue buying their $20 sponges that cost them a nickel to produce; and they will return the favor by excluding you in everything else.

Sena Stevens says:

Girl your skin is so flawless

Mara Willman says:

Lancome always has you covered! Teint idole for the win!

Nina Edgecombe says:

everything you just said, homegirl. i don’t really care if you bothered to make a couple dark/deep shades, i care that they are formulated correctly and target the majority of tones/undertones out there for us

LaraUAE says:

nyma is honestly such a refreshing youtuber. not over the top, just sweet and to the point.

DeJana L says:

A big brand like beauty blender should really be embarrassed by this and ashamed of themselves. There is no excuse for the lack of diversity today. There are drugstore brands that are more inclusive. Makes me sick

Payton Miriam says:

Girl why are you SOOOO GORGEOUS

Kelly Allen says:

I honestly hope that calling out brands for not including all skin tones will not just be a trend. It really is a huge problem, when brands are choosing not to include large groups of people when developing their products. These big companies need to know that we aren’t buying their bullshit excuses for not making enough shades to accommodate all skin tones.

Chloe W says:

Your so freakin pretty

GoldstoneCoffeeBean says:

Your smile is so pretty! 😀

Kalyssa McWilliams says:

What hair is this?

Liz Viy says:


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