$.99 Cent Beauty Blender VS. $20 Beauty Blender | DUPE OR POOP

In this video I’m going to be comparing the fake beauty blender and the real beauty blender. The fake Beauty blender only cost $.99. The real beauty blender cost $20. I wanted to show a comparison of each beauty blender so that you can see the difference in quality and pricing. This is a showdown! Let’s see which is better!

Fake Beauty Blender : http://amzn.to/2fhOlwj

Foundation used : NARS all day luminous weightless foundation in the color “Stromboli”

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Editing – Final Cut Pro
Lighting – Kino flos and Soft Box


Claire Zz says:

But does the FF absorb more product??? Cuz it seems like that you put pretty much the same amount of foundation on both cheeks then you had to put in a bit more on FF side.

Dawana Ramey says:

smh the level of her gorgeousness i cant take

Miranda Hates new YouTube says:

The fake one absorbed a ton of your foundation and didn’t blend it out it just drank it all that’s why you had to apply more lol the beauty blender side looked way better IMO

Taylor Lackford says:

I have a LIST of excellent makeup products from Wish that you can review. I have a few products that were really good and sometimes better than the originals. but some I’d also like to see reviewed before I buy, that’s why I watch these videos. and I think your viewers would be interested in seeing some excellent products for $2. you just have to read reviews. I have recommendations for anyone interested in the best dupe or product for a specific job, etc. I’m a Wishaholic.

Miss Tiffany Star says:

A website called Miss A has Beauty blenders that are a dollar well Beauty sponges, that are a dollar and they double in size and they are pink and I love them.

Борислав Кирилишен says:

I believe there exists a great way to find out more about beauty tips. Go to google and search: “Blast4beauty”. Here you can find very simple tips which is very easy for you to implement.

lelechim says:

I see that fake Beauty Blender is from Caetle. I’ve purchased multiple sponges from them. Some are better than others. The pink one, which looks a lot like the original Beauty Blender, is pretty good, as is their orange one that looks like the Real Techniques sponge. However, their other ones, like the blue and black sponges, are made of a more dense foam that apply the product differently (not terrible, but not as well as the others) and can be difficult to clean. The mini lime green ones are inferior too; fine for heavily applying loose powder, but not good for blending.

I_am_the_babez says:

When I’m making thousands of dollars then I’ll think about spending £20 on a sponge

pam edwards says:

compare Sicily powder with La Mer powder

Nika N says:

Video starts at 3 minutes

beauty advicer real says:

I ain’t spending no 20 on a fucking SPONGE that I’ll have to throw away in 5 months cos it’s gross

Daniel says:

beauty blender side looks a tad more polished… the fake beauty blender looks a tad more natural … but for a 19 dollar difference… it makes the beauty blender look bad tbh…. maybe not feel as bad though xD

Esther173 S. says:

The real buety blender kinda looks caked but the 99 cent is not like u said it takes away the product

Rachelle Auguste says:

Have you done a comparison of beauty/feauty blender vs brushes?

sherley grijalva says:

i think the .99 side looks smother and more natural

Perlita Habanera says:

I got mine from the dollar tree and i dont see much difference

G J says:

Where did you get the dollar Beauty blender

Alyplay 04 says:

1 word primark

Tanvee Choudhary says:

There is no difference, saved 12:24 minutes of your life.

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