Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner Full Review

This is a review of the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner available on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo (see


Simon Tyler says:

A great review, well done. ZB should thank you personally for this video as they seem to be doing very little to promote it lately. But clear video and very imformative. Like a lot of poeple, I’m waiting very patiently for my ZB to come to UK….and waiting. But hey, it looks like I expect it to be in your video.

K9doglover says:

Will this work in a small room with one window but without removing the screen?

T h-d says:

Thanks for a great review of the Zero Breeze! I ordered mine last March and according to the UPS tracking info, I should receive my unit this coming week (tomorrow actually, but am still cautious after such a very long wait!) LOL I learned quite a bit from your review and will put it to use once I receive my ZB.

Free Conomics says:

Thanks for the review. I was thinking about one of these for my boat. I don’t think it can meet my needs when I’m anchored. I think fans are a better option with good a good reflex tarp and some water misting, during those hot months.

Derek Oehlert says:

I would like one but do you think it would cool off a semi sleeper too save fuel

RedRider1600 says:

$420 for a small air conditioner? May as well buy a full size AC for half the price.
Is it really effective on a hot day? 90 to 110 degrees? Or only good on warm days?

Yin Chi Guy says:

Hey, I’m one of the people (or maybe the only person so far. Not sure) who did the Unboxing Zero Breeze video and video showing it working with the rechargeable battery. Just wanted to say awesome job with this video, and also wanted to point out that you showed me something that I didn’t even know it was able to do when you made the flashlight blink red. I had no idea. Thanks!

Daniel Posner says:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to make this comprehensive and interesting video. Secondly, OMG Zero Breeze are going to love it. You obviously like the unit and that’s reflective in the overall ambience of the video, but you also make valid and constructive criticisms about some of it’s limitations. Very credible. I particularly like the part about the extortionate price of the ZB battery, and the workaround together with costs which also outlines just how over-priced the OEM battery is.

I’m tempted to talk about the (at present) ongoing quality control issues experienced by many who have received their units and others, especially those in Europe who have not received theirs or have any indication, due to zero communication (maybe a change of name is in order 😉 of when or if they will. However, even though we’re approaching 2 years overdue I will not say another word as hopefully this review will outlast these initial (?) supply and quality issues.

Well done, and thanks again.

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