Zero Breeze air conditioner

ZeroBreeze air conditioner kickstarter Backer #827


Fla-bushcraft Prepper says:

I can not find any data on this thing. What is the BTU output? What is the Watt and Amp draw when on the 110 volt? How long does it last on the internal battery? Can the Internal Battery be replaced by the consumer? What is the cost of a replacement battery? What is the power draw with the light?

I don’t mean how long does it last on the battery, as in I want to be told, “A little while.” I mean I want to be told, “We tested it three times and it lasted 1h 45mins, 1h 37 mins and 1h 49mins. So the average on the three test is about 1h 40mins. With the light on, it lasted 1h 10mins and the second test was 1h 13mins.

You would think they would put up a website, besides the facebook page. Having a website with videos linked form YouTube, with someone explaining the product and its specs would make more people want to buy it. Having an actual website where you can buy them would also increase sales. Selling replacement batteries would be a huge increase to encourage people to buy it also. I did sales for years and the #2 issue was customers getting replacement parts and batteries.

john cook says:

Where can I buy one?

Ein Volk Ein Katze says:

what a scam…I fell sorry for you, its just a portable ac unit, except one that does not do anything

Renee Held says:

Is there a drain place on these? I am waiting on mine, can’t wait!! I have an upstairs office that my A/C doesn’t really cool.

johnathan Kwon says:

Wow you are lucky, i backed mine at indiegogo, i heard people were getting their zero breeze for those who backed fro kickstarter… seems like their communication is extremely bad..

Cameran Manner says:

I have a few questions to ask?
Have you tested in a car or a mini van – did you measure the temp of the power supply – strange question… flipping the unit, would it work as a heater, what is the temp of the exhuast?
I’m hoping to see more reviews from you or other people as they roll out the product. Strange that you are the only one who has posted.

Duh Itz Chelsey YT says:

Can u post another zero breeze vid please?

Yin Chi Guy says:

Cool deal. Someone posted a link to your video in the indiegogo comment section. Thanks for the review. I will do one as well when I finally get mine. I ordered mine back in March.

j.r raphard says:

Too small garbage

PUVREC 1378 says:

How much does this cost? Where can I buy this?

Nightcrawler Yaj says:

Will it good for camping in hot summer

cordelmar says:

It took 6 month to get, where are you in Tahiti.?

Allan who? says:

StacheTraveler _ What state do you live? I am interested in buying yours if you are selling it.

StacheTraveler _ says:

Posted another video If anyone would like to see it

j.r raphard says:

But your amibent air temperature still is hot that item stinks my friend

Joe Dirt says:

How much does it cost and much does it weigh and well does it work?

84Westy says:

You should really read the manual on how to use your infrared thermometer. Standing several feet back and pointing at random object does not give any useful data.

Chad Holmes says:

please do a review of using it in your van!

Tamie Rogers says:

Thank you so much for sharing !

Joe Dirt says:

I would like to take one these zero breeze portable airconditioners and attach it to sealed hazmat suit and see if i would be successfully be able to build my first airconditioned outdoor suit.

Matthew Vella says:


can you private message me if you are willing to sell this?


AJ Orendain says:

This is perfect for the Philippines to keep cool

Ragu Green says:

Please save ur time and money these are scammers been waiting over a year and still haven’t received anything

Greg Delezynski says:

Interesting! I am backer #758 and have seen NOTHING! I thought we were to get them in the order we backed the project.

Counterrevolutionary Tendencies says:

If this ever really gets going , doesn’t take 6 months to get it etc, could be a real help for an old truck with no AC, has a speaker, a light etc, not bad. I can see it in my dump truck, put on some Sargon of Akkad maybe.

Giovanni Penagos says:

Hey I’ve been looking to get one of these for my Vanagon Westy. I see you have one too. Do you think this would cool the interior well? If so, I’d be interested in buying this unit off of you. PM me and let me know how much you’re selling this unit for. Thanks for the review!

The Adventures of Little Monkey says:

What is the output voltage on the power supply block. Was wondering if I could power it straight from a 12V battery bank.

Mwfk Alfrn says:

Hi how much the cost cost of this product

Einar K says:

where is it avidable?

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