Zero Breeze – A Real Portable Air Conditioner – Tested in HOT Weather!

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1100 BTU air conditioner best for indoor spaces and Tent or Any car.

High effective cooling effect.
Unlike one of those “evaporation air-conditioners” that are actually just fans with ice or water inside.

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Marcelo Silva says:

Evapolar is better

Scott L says:

Nice price and perfect for UK few hot days. Instead of buying a big unit. Peace.

carlos1000rr says:

Skip to 10:43 to skip the bs and see it tested.

Hene193 says:

Dunno where one would have a need for this kind of machine. Most cars have AC and then if you have small apartment or you need movable AC then there is plenty of small movable AC machines on wheels. And they are a lot cheaper. I guess there is a niche market for these and the price goes with that too.

ydmf2 says:

Awesome. Probably would have worked faster with the window blocked out with cardboard or something.

KushMan Stev says:

mayiandjay how do I send you a message?

abdullahi suleiman says:

Nice review

Tech Maniac says:

How much is it

mbiker7 says:

Is there a 12 volt cigarette power cord that can be used for inside of a vehicle?

iKuma says:

oh wow I have been looking for a portable ac for ages, but they all lacked a bluetooth speaker! -Said no one ever… lmao just a stupid extra cost that made the unit larger and on top of it all it sounds like shit.

RipCityBassWorks says:

I don’t understand why an AC unit has a Bluetooth speaker?

Roddy says:

Good for a van..

Chris Sparks says:

It’s really awesome and a first of its kind, but having to have the exhaust go out the window is kind of a bummer. It makes sense, it’s just a bummer lol. Unless you somehow managed to drill a perfectly sized hole in the side of your vehicle that the pipe fits into. Then it’d be like a legit air conditioner. This is more like an air conditioner with the door open lol

Norkis Serrano says:

The product is good but the price is not.

Audio says:

Waaaaaay over priced.

Old Crow says:

Awesome! I’m canceling roof ac on camper ordered. Thanks!

KushMan Stev says:

what is best site to buy a iPhone replica?

Stephen Lim says:

$899 dollars. OMG errmergerg

Greg Jaynes says:

Why 9 minutes of BS? It’s an air conditioner, right? Why not get right to that part. Who cares about bluetooth speakers?

Nikos A. says:

360p squad etc.

graffickattackDOTcom says:

Did you put fan speed to max in your truck and did you have to wait a full 24 hours to have the the condenser to sit before using?

Hafiz Apiz says:

Great and amazing product..Great for value..Good Job Jay..Thumbs UP..!!!!

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