We Have Air Conditioning!! | NewAir Portable AC Review

This office gets sooo hot and we are super happy to have this to keep us cool! We’ve had this AC unit for a while and absolutely love it! In this video we share the pros and cons of this machine!

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Jacob Blew says:

Molly needs to wear boots so she isn’t so short

Rob Shamel says:

Add some radiant barrier film spray to underside of the roof. Should help some.

Tae Garfman says:

To be honest it doesn’t sound that loud. Especially on the low speed.

Michael Myrick says:

The audio is not terrible kids. Glad y’all can stay cool in your office now.

Irvin Alcalá says:

what camera gear do you guys have?

Quinten Dewit says:

Nice really love the 2 vids a week love it

Jeremy Halligan says:

Think about adding a ceiling and/or insulation

Tim Hoog says:

Doesn’t sound too loud to me… its a fan, they are a tad noisy…. but if it cools fast, more power to it!

Daniel Torres says:

you guys are goals!

Scott Haun says:

are you going to do anything to insulate or add a ceiling to the space?

Štěpán Karásek says:

You can use exterior window roller blinds on side, where sun shining. I see that you have a tin roof. Don’t forget to isolate it! thermal insulation is always better than air conditioning. And more environmentally friendly. Sorry for my English

Yonatan24 says:

Is Molly not mic’d up? A bit hard to hear her.
Also maybe you could modify the fan to make a run slower.

Around Home DIY says:

Looks like a nice unit! We just retired our portable AC and installed a “DIY” mini-split that heats and cools. The portable one we had helped, but it was just too undersized for our 600sqft insulated shop. It’s been pretty amazing how well the mini-split does given how little power it uses and how quiet it is.

One other issue I had with our portable AC was that it was basically blowing the inside air outside and as a result it ends up pulling in hot, humid outside air to replace it. I think there may be some newer models that have dual hoses that try to fix that issue.

We should have an installation video for ours up in a couple of weeks once we test it a bit more, but so far it’s been working great and I’d definitely recommend one for your main shop area if you can swing it!

Tom Doe says:

So the air conditioner would also dehumidify the room. So how does it dispose of the water pulled out of the air? Also it would make a big difference if the ceiling were insulated. A project for another day perhaps.

Raymond Malone says:

thumbs up for video schedule

Tracy Keaton says:

I have to say it’s doing its job very well considering the circumstances. I would also say that your next project should be putting up a ceiling so it doesn’t have to work so hard. Many blessings to the both of you.

Maxima says:

The AC sounds fine. No different than having power tools running. Get lapel mics with a cover if you want to get rid of noise completely. Molly is smart regarding electronics and her commentary is always spot on. Nice vid. Dont forget to foam up the gaps in that hose hole or mice and bugs will get in.

Lord baal says:

Oh my god, that is not loud.

jacks inthebox says:

Mini splits are nearly silent. Why didn’t you choose that option besides the fact it was free?

Santiago Bazzino says:

I would add as a con that all the air that goes out through the vent is being sucked from the house, so it’s blowing out the cold air from the room. This air has to be replaced somehow with new unconditioned air from outside

pepinosan30 says:

Whats the cost of running it 24/7 ? btw you guys look cool :p

Sean Signer says:

Don’t you have to drain the condensed water from the evaporator?

sonny bulla says:

Quick fix put it in the other room closer to the office that way u get the building cool

Dylan's DIY Workshop says:

loving the new schedule!

Rikardo Rvszo says:

Love you guys! Greeting from Brazil!

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Congratulations on getting A/C!! That has to be a wonderful feeling. It looks like a good unit that will do the job you need it to. As always it’s good to see all,of the improvements y’all are making to your new shop.

Bradley Klepperich says:

Ac sounds doesnt bug me one bit

Nick Creeks says:

Awesome! Great job guys! Love how it’s coming together!

Randy Taylor says:

It’s not too loud

Stiff Wood says:

Hot in the shop? Well, what did u expect when u rip out all the roof insulation?

Shane Hayward says:

The code doesn’t work on the larger 14k BTU model 🙁

Harold Warner says:

in this video it doesn’t sound loud, just kind of adds a background noise. It didn’t seem to over power your talking or make you have to talk louder over it. Just going to be whether you like the noise or not while doing your videos. It didn’t bother me for this one but maybe over time it could get irritating.


Awesome guy’s I’m so happy for you to,It’s a very nice and compact unit much love I will see you again ok later 🙂

Pepe Mora Romay says:

Nice video

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Did you just say that 74f is super cold? 71f for me is room temperature, and I would rather it be cooler. Come for a visit to Canada 😉

It was 84f ( 26c ) this weekend and I was hiding in the shade.

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