Top 5 Best Air Conditioner Inventions You Should Have

5 Cool air conditionair inventions to keep you cool and fresh.
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5.Zero Breeze:
4.Amazing Air Conditioner:
3.Ambi climate :


5.Zero Breeze:is a portable air conditioner,that also include the latest gadgets and technology.It comes complete with a Bluetooth speaker,a night light,and can charge your smartphone 3 time over,whether it’s a Samsung or the latest iPhone 7

4.Amazing Air Conditioner:a personal and affordable air conditioner that cost only 3 cents to don’t uses less energy than a traditional air conditioners or electric fans.

frankly you can do this yourself ,just use a block of ice , a bucket and fan,you will get a homemade air conditioner,but this version it more stylish than any good DIY version.

and again it’ cost less to operate

3.Ambi climate :a small connected devices that can take control of any existing infrared remote controlled air conditioner smart.after installing this marvel of technology you can control your smartphone.

this gadget help you monitor the temperature inside and outside your home.
Key Features:uses your existing AC :ambi climate is compatible with any infrared remote-controlled ac unit.

-Automatic air conditioner control

-learns and remembers your thermal comfort preferences.

-Turns on your AC as you’re heading home

-syncs your ac with your iPhone or android device

-no tools or expertise needed for setup

-energy-saving tips and ac maintenance notifications.

-save u to 30 % air conditioning energy usage.

2.Noria:a window air conditioners that is easy to install and beautifully designed,even a monkey can install this system.
you can control noria using your iPhone or android device.

1.Wynd:a smart air purifier that monitor and cleans the air in your home,this system is you can bring it everywhere you go.

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rashed says:

it good for car if it have batries carging

Sali Ali says:

The first one is a scam!!! Air conditioners must have an outdoor element to be able to cool with it’s compression unit. Even if it’s really providing a cool air from it’s front side it will 100% heat the backside and there will be no effect on the actual temperature of the room itself. 1000% fake.


you can not buy zero breeze it is fake !!

Dylanger Daly says:

The last one is something Louis Litt would have

S Tho says:

These pitch props keep getting reposted to keep crowdsourcing money and preorders for no product coming. The delivery dates keep getting pushed back like Elio motorcars. Most are little tabletop fans with small evaporator pads that could cool your hand and arm while you hold it there, but little else.

The Noria is an elegant looking small window AC but really not !much more and window units hail from the 1950s. A 5000BTU window AC can cool a 200 sq ft room that has low ceilings and is well insulated. A trendy hipster art loft in the city (as in the pitch), not a chance. The girl even easily recovers it from under her bed and carries it downstairs with one hand, then places it in the window. Try that with the smallest window unit you can buy. Mechanisms, compressors coils and fans weigh something. She is carrying an empty case.

If they ever produce a product it will be a tiny marine AC unit of about 4500BTU crammed in that case with no way to repair, just dispose of it when it quits cooling.

pranav soondar says:


The Pro Jimenez says:



dog shit

Andjr hm says:

is this a joke?

Andrew Hagadone says:

The last one is an air PURIFIER. Not an AC.

treck rex says:

will it work in a car

Rocques Nardine says:


SuperDBZamv says:

first guy’s beard is offset, so annoying

Black Donald Trump says:

@ 3:27 is exactly how marriage is.

Basil Raidt says:

So…a portable air purifier isn’t anything. Sure, it might actually do what it says it does as far as filtering air, but it can’t filter NYC. As for hotel rooms and such, unless you can put it next to any AC vents and allow no other air to enter…nothing is getting purified.

Brian Thompson says:

zero breeze isn’t a reality yet

VIX K says:

Cool…. awesome

Nichodeamus says:

what song is playing, in the last 30 seconds of this video?

Potato Memes 666 says:


rosul Mussa says:

Can i find it on amazon

Clovis Kersey says:

how annoying is it to have the product hidden in a fay little story?

Logistics Doctors says:

Could u use it in semi truck

Rocques Nardine says:


Danny Hansen says:

2 of those 5 is aircondition.. the rest is just airblow..

Karo French says:

The zero breeze needs somewhere to old the dripping from the condenser?

pavy415 says:

lol 2 of them arent even air coditioners

Attack ferret says:

I wonder why there isn’t many comments

Michelle Sin says:

You literally just put 5 videos together

Sattam Almalki says:

I hate summer

sheepe says:

Why would I need 5 ACs?

Paul Hawk says:


SensibleWaif 111 says:


Datbeast 0912 says:


apocalipse awaits says:


volvotruck01 says:

I wana lilian and noria and wher do I buy that

praestant8 says:

Zero breeze is a bit of a joke. It’s not the first to use a rotary compressor. Most portable a/c under 1-ton use a rotary compressor. Amazing air conditioner is not an air conditioner but an evaporative cooler.

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