The Best Portable Air Conditioner of 2017

After testing the chilling power of four AC units over 100 hours, we’ve determined that the LG – 12,000 BTU is the best portable air conditioner. See our full review here:

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Our top portable ac unit picks:
1. LG: Amazon: or Home Depot:
2. Whynter:
3. Haier:
4. Honeywell:

When searching for a portable AC unit, you should consider its weight, noise emissions, warranty, cooling and moisture-removing capabilities and energy efficiency. You should also consider whether it has additional features like timers, remotes, or heating capabilities.

To test each AC unit, we measured average temperature change per minute in an office and great room and also took a decibel reading of each unit’s noise level. We compared each unit’s efficiency, weight and additional features.

After testing, we found that the LG – 12,000 BTU was powerful, efficient and quiet, making it the best portable air conditioner overall. You can see more details in our full review here:


Mauricio Sanchez says:

you said the lg 12000 btu ac was #1 what about the lg 14000 btu is that better or is it som,thing els???? because i need something that covers 550 square feet .please let me know

Your Best Digs says:

Our top portable ac unit picks:
1. LG: on Amazon – or Home Depot –
2. Whynter:
3. Haier:
4. Honeywell:

Jhoy Patriarca says:

how to order

makemful says:

What about us Brits?

The links you have are for Americans… possible to see if can get in the UK? As, a google search.. and I can’t find the LG 12,000BTU anywhere for sale in the UK. Many thanks 🙂

Nicholas Hartzler says:

Why doesn’t anyone talk about how stupid single hose units are? Single hose units easily dump 200 cfm of your conditioned air out the window and that displaced air has to be replaced from somewhere. Most likely by sucking 200 CFM of hot attic air in. I have the 12k LG on loan from my AC company while they fix the mistakes they made. on a 95 degree day it cant keep my 15×15 bedroom cool at 4 feet off the ground. you can feel the difference when you walk in. I actually worry about my dogs being stuck inside all day with this ac.

postoasty says:

Don’t know where your getting that these things cool 500 sq feet my room is only 154 sq ft and after running it all night I could barely tell any difference from the rooms I wasn’t cooling. Its cold if you are directly in the air flow but it doesn’t cool the room. I used your review before making my purchase and am incredibly disappointed. The L.G sucks. Don’t waste your money if you want to cool a room it wont do it.

a36538 says:

Can you post the results for all of the tests?

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