Soleus Air 8,000 btu Air conditioner Review

If your gonna buy one of these it must have a intake and a discharge duct for the condenser or else your only sucking cold air from the room and blowing it outside and at the same time the device will be sucking hot moist air into the room your trying to cool off , this device is a consumer fraud in my opinion


That One Ford Guy says:

No wonder they say single hosed models suck. Would have been better off with a dual hose brotha!

blackout260112 says:

very informative….how did u add the water….i found one. on the curb now i see why

ruben esquivel says:

thanks for video I was about to buy this model for garage. what do you recommend? trying turn my garage into an office

petermazbabie says:

You should have bought a 2 hose model. Plus pulling air from your roof is totally counterproductive. The air up there is much warmer then than outdoor air. Any air conditioner, usually outputs about 20 degrees lower than existing room temp. So saying it should blow 40 degree in a hot room is just not going to happen. Central air conditioners do not rely on evaporative cooling its plain and simple heat load that increases the amps. Your portable and room ac’s do use condensate water to help increase efficiency not the microprocessor at all.

_itsvicky_ says:

i have the 10k btu version of this. i had it for about 3 years. i was wondering do you know how to recharged the freon on it? the compressor sometimes dont wanna turn on.i have to turn it off for about 5 mins sometimes longer then cut if back on for the compressor to cut on.

fireguardburnt says:

“I can see a woman buying this thing and just thinking the world of it…” sexist much? lolz.
it’s frustrating watching this because you seem to have a weak grasp of engineering and fluid dynamics, but incomplete. Products such as these are designed to operate when installed properly, but go ahead and “tear it apart” to re-engineer it. Good luck to you.

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