REVIEW: Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner [FULL REVIEW] [REAL AC]

The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is a revolutionary product in the market of portable personal cooling solutions. It’s the first product in its class to use true vapor compression to achieve cooling. After a wildly successful campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, it is shipping en masse.

Today we find out if it’s worth the money, the good, the bad, possible improvements and just how amazing it really is!

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Jimmy Blimps says:

Really curious whether this could make a small car nice and cold on a 40c day in the sun.

Jedi-Wig_Splitta says:

How fast does it cool a room with compressor on

Eduard Butsenko says:

Hey send me a link of it on eBay. For some reason I can’t find it. Thanks

Troy Arthur says:

Indiegogo and zerobreeze were sued by the military. Do not buy this product

Tamie Rogers says:

Do not buy this product… it will either not be received…
Or will not work properly!
I ordered on March 6 2017
It is now June 21, 2018
Not received and the ones that were are not working properly
Check out Zero Breeze owners page on Facebook !!

Jonathan Lau says:

Have you tried running the unit using the battery as a pass-through, with the AC adapter plugged into the battery instead of the unit itself? Would the electronics in the battery pack allow it? What I’m thinking is, by doing so, the adapter only has to work as hard as the battery circuitry’s maximum charging current allows. The unit draws power off the battery while the adapter keeps the battery charging. While it may not be good for the cells, it may be a possible workaround for the overheating issues on a really hot day.

thomas dipaolo says:

Another well done review. I have been waiting for this follow up to your unboxing Zero Breeze. Based on your two reviews, i am now going to move forward with the purchase of my own Zero Breeze. i have similar ways i plan to use this mini-air condition. You are providing a huge service to others like me considering the purchase of this product. You are also benefiting the manufacture as a third party unbias (as much as any can be) opinion of the good and not so good. I proactively shared your video with Zero Breeze company. Hopeful they follow up with you 🙂

Home O'DFree says:

Thank you for the time taken to review the product. However I feel that your review focus only on mechanical issues with the appliance which is good information to have, however there was no real review as to its efficiency to cool down, like square area where is best used, open or closed doors or other environments like a tent for example would like to know if appliance would be great for a mid summer camping trip, should I expect to feel comfort in a tent under hot night humid conditions, things like that.

solen 1 says:

This is a really long video, can it be ran off a car charger? Or be plugged in ?

rawimpact says:

ctuan? what a ugly name, youmust be chinese

K9doglover says:

This was $200 cheaper just a few weeks ago- so many people,have not received and many defective units have not been fixed with this company. I have watched this for over six months and can’t pull the trigger until I see more positive reviews. Do you think this would cool down a very very small bedroom?.. also, if the room gets up to 95 degrees, would it burn itself out and stop turning on?I Have you seen the coolala and if so, any thoughts?

David Echegoyen says:

Can you tell me how long the exhaust hose is? I am literally about 30 feet from a window, so the hose has to be that long. Also, with many portable air conditioners, the hoses are made of thin plastic that let heat escape back into the room, ultimately making the room hotter than before the units are even turned on. Is this hose thick or insulated to not let that happen, and can you buy extensions for the hose if it is not long enough?

Cameron Ramos says:

I was waiting on the air review if it cools or not this was not a full review. If im buying this is because i need a portable air conditioner not for the light or the speaker.

Cyclo TeChTwIsTeR says:

Sorry not for that price. $600 way too much. May be $120 or so but $599 nope not this guy…

Keith M says:

Appreciate your videos. Well done, informative. Keep up the great work.

jthonn says:

IMO and I mean no disrespect, but your review on the construction was good but we want a review on how well it works. I could care less about the speaker and such. I will go as far to say that this video was boring and worthless.

Luis Rodriguez says:

very well explained review i`m been waiting years to find something like this. on 12 volt you can use a deep cicle battery on the trunk or a small battery bank to spend a night. in 12 volt there are many ways to run the unit. I was also imagin a unit with two exaust. one for the hot out an other to cool the condenser with outside air. that will increase the efficient cooling separating every air flow from the cold air. any way this is a very interesting product i like to have one. thanks for this good review.

Was it worth the time? says:

22 minutes of wasted time. Machine never turned on. Worst review on YouTube.

Robert Cromwell says:

What does it do with the heat? All AC’s put out more heat than cold. There is the heat transferred that is exhausted plus heat generated by compressor and fan motors.
Heat out one end and cool out the other? that is a no gain situation.
So like a fan cooler out in the open maybe ok but it will not cool a closed room.

Nomadic Newfies says:

Great review! I have been watching this product for some time. Still have some unanswered questions. I have a remote cabin running on solar and wind. Power consumption is important. How many watts does it use on startup and when running? This will dictate if my inverter or generator is big enough. My favourite generator is a Honda 350 watt, I hope it can run the zero breeze. Thank you.

RealFamilyMan says:

1. What is the output of the power brick? i.e. What voltage and current does it put out, and I assume it’s DC?

2. Is the A/C unit reverse cycle? (Instead of blowing cold air in and hot air out, does it reverse direction via the keypad to blow heat IN and cold OUT of the space?) If not, does the exhaust tube connect to the other end (where the light is) to give virtually that same result? If not, THAT is something they should do.

3. About the battery not being connected to the main unit: use octopus straps or a ratchet strap.

4. Nearly all switchmode power supplies are poorly designed. They create quite a bit of heat and manufacturers nearly always seal them inside a small plastic box with no vents!

Electrolytic capacitors contain moisture which excess heat ‘boils off’ changing their values, which means the circuit can’t function (as you’ve discovered), and eventually the circuit won’t ‘start’ at all when turned on. The heat also causes other components to change value, go open circuit, and constant change from cold to hot to cold again can crack solder joints (‘dry joints’).

I often crack open power supply bricks and drill a bunch of small holes into the case where I can see there’s space to provide air flow. Then glue and/or melt them shut again with a soldering iron. This makes an ugly brick, but I’d rather that than continually buying new power supplies. (A solution to that is either discarding the original case and fitting the electronic ‘guts’ into a new plastic box from an electronics store, or cutting much of the top half away with a dremel or hacksaw leaving enough to still secure the guts, and super gluing the old bottom into the new case.)

Timmy says:

You’re lucky to get anything off KickStarter. 90% are scams. Consider yourself lucky.

mwilliamshs says:

Just the fact that a generator is an inverter generator doesn’t mean its output has a clean true sine waveform. Just because your laptop and phone work on it doesn’t mean anything either since they have batteries to act as a buffer. Did you try the ac with its battery and the generator? I suspect your power supply overheating would be eliminated by that.

Shiva Vintage Fighter says:

Hello bro and I love your videos that how you unbox and review things and I personally love the review of zero breeze video

Jay Lee says:

Great review! I did replace my stock adapter with a 180w model that had an internal fan from Amazon and it solves all of my power issues. Excellent job!

Grubtime Boyz says:

The question is does it get ice cold like a real ac unit?

Peter Cursio says:

AC inverters can cause power supplies like the power brick to run hotter than normal, probably why you’re getting overheating. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter that your inverter is pure sine.

Raymond J says:

i think the speaker is just for like the kids in the tent at night shit like that more of a gimmic bro. and with the drain thing its got a dryer and condenser thay are coverd in moisture they will drain a few drops after u shut it down but just a few drops ya cant be to critical its amazing thay did as much as the did for that size ! just wish they could make it a bit cheaper !!

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