Putting a Homemade Air Conditioner to the Test | Consumer Reports

Do-it-yourself air conditioners can cost as little as $20 dollars to make. Our experts build and test two types to see if they can cool the air in Consumer Reports’ test chamber.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide – https://youtu.be/E4UtzpjM4Fg

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dbx104 says:

dry ice

DevinBigSeven says:

Not sure how comparably priced AC units do; they compare it to units costing $100’s. If you live in a northern climate where it only reaches 80F for maybe two weeks, its not worth spending $300, or $150 if you have an appropriate window for a window unit. You could keep a freezer in a garage to freeze water bottles, assuming that the garage’s air circulation is separate from the rest of the house, and you won’t have additional hot air being generated from the freezer going into the rest of the house.

EatmyassGoogle says:

He should have used Dry Ice because we need to thin the population.

Bonbadil Moi says:

lol, brainwashing stuff, shove your expensive cooler up your ass.

Kevin Smith says:

I live in San Diego, what AC would you recommend to get the temperature from a sweltering 78° F to a pleasant 75° F without making it get too chilly around 72° F?


just another attempt to get people not to depend on life hacks or work arounds and just a reason to continue charging your wallets and give give give to the government

4gasem says:

Just don’t use dry ice people! It’s a good way to die!

omgimgfut says:

If you use dry ice you will die of Carbon Dioxide asphyxiation

OmerTheGreatOne says:

i got a better idea, why dont u pour that ice all over ur self. it works without a fan.

MyImList says:

That’s it? You tested against a bucket and a personal sized cooler? And you didn’t test a heat exchanger with the ice water flowing through it which seems to be the kind that works really well.
I am usually in a room that has no window that will accommodate a window air conditioner. Sometimes 3 degrees is enough to decide if I sleep or don’t sleep.
It may be true that these air conditioners do not work for real life use in the real world, but this video did not demonstrate it. In fact, if anything, they demonstrated that a slightly bigger and more efficient rig just might actually work for a small room and for only 7 to 10 degrees cooling, which is plenty for my needs. Also, that it may work very well for a car with broken A/C.

This is NOT a convincing “test”. Remember, CR is like the medical industry, there is no money to be made in showing how to do it on your own.

Faris says:

can you put dry ice in sealed metal tubes or something, and put it in the watter instead of ice? would that be better

Tyler Durden says:

The homemade AC’s are not designed to cool an entire house or even a large room. They’re designed to cool you and or a much smaller area. Going to make one to try (I live in Georgia, high heat, high humidity) and see how it goes.

Are you Serious says:

For you to properly conduct this test you have to build a home made AC unit large enough to handle the volume of the room. sq foot X size of ice box. Your little ice box was greatly undersized for the sq foot (volume) of the size of the room. Try it with an box at least 6×6 and 400lbs of ice with a fan at least 24 inches in diameter. Then call me in the morning.

shepd shepd says:

You didn’t mention the relative humidity of the room. Considering that’s the entire way these units work, your test was completely invalid and the results should be ignored. If you are in a humid environment, these devices will not help and worse, will make the room more humid, increasing the humidex rating (that is the case for where I am). If you are in a very arid area, these will help a lot and the added humidity will be welcomed.

RickMakes says:

It is cheaper to run an air conditioner than it is to buy or make ice.,

Gerson2021 says:

You should have tested and mentioned the danger of using dry ice. I’m sure there’s people out that will try that.

bay510408 says:

how about using dry ice

Tim Kennedy says:

Might as well just sit in front of the fan.

gene978 says:

You MISSED THE WHOLE POINT of the HOMEMADE A/C UNIT’S and they were made for SPOT A/C and for people that don’t have much $$$ and want to stay cool for short periods of time. And You can buy a block of ICE at most Grocery Stores. They’re not made to cool down 90 degree rooms.

Mono EXE says:

You should have used dry ice even though it releases carbon dioxide

Tim Lastname says:

What if you took the fan and had it pull air in to the cooler down to the bottom so the air had to bubble up through the ice and water then blew that air into the room. Kinda like a bong chills smoke.

Bo Rerun says:

BTW can you tell me what full size electric stove kitchen range waste the least amount of electricity

Andy Gomez says:

this is so stupid

Alex Beyer says:

I saw one that used two buckets a standing fan (like an oscillating one) and copper tubing. Using the syphon effect you get the water to rung through the copper tubing that is looped around the face of the fan and use the second bucket to collect the water, then turn on the fan. I would like to see that one put to the test.

Balkan Division says:

great commercial…


the real question I want to know is..How much money do you save on your electric bill, by running a fan all day compared to running a ac set at 74 all day…the ice is free don’t care about that…? Can someone give a estimate on that..?

Gaming Scientist says:

I’ve seen videos on YouTube that feature home-made swamp coolers, where water is pumped into a mesh that air is pulled through. Could you test those?

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