NewAir – Portable Air Conditioner Review, The Depreys Are Super Impressed!

We have been blown away with the NewAir portable Air Conditioner/ Heater!! Check out review and why we love this product for your RV.

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Wes Peery says:

You still need to run your rv heat in winter to prevent pipes freezing in the basement.

Kevin Wilson says:

The coupon code is not working

Shannon Thompson says:

Thank you !! We have been looking at units

vanessa hassett says:

I know you guys have a 50 amp services can I run it in a 30 amp services. Thanks

Kevin Wilson says:

Ah I see its fixed

Janice Cline says:

When I had a trailer in the Poconos and later at the Jersey shore my husband and
I rented a tank for propane. It has been quite a few years ago but I think it was a hundred to one fifty pound tank. It was much cheaper than paying for 20 pound tank refills all the time.

Boondocking Mainah's says:

great review guys ! i will sharen to my facebook

Francisco Conceicao says:

Why not bring in a big propane tank since you are not ready to start your house.

Octavia Barbour says:

Hay guys how are you going can i use that in a house

My Life's Ventures says:

If it works that good in an RV, its gotta work good in a ford transit van!

Roy Davis says:

We’ll see how efficient it will be when it turns cold. As advertised, a heat pump is good in Temps above 40. How often does it get below 40 degree in NC? Back in my trailer days, I used a ceramic heater in the basement that I had insulated well. I also put an insulated skirt across the bottom of the trailer.

Antone Schweitzer says:

unless it is dual hose and an inverter compressor; it’s not the most efficient technology out there (which also costs more).

Lane Hykes says:

The only draw back from a unit like this is the plastic duct out the back of the unit but still very nice


Don’t know how good this thing is but, yes heat pumps are more efficient than electric heaters.  Found this out when I had to heat my motorhome when I was paying for electric.  Turned on my 1500W heater (5,000 btu) and the electric gauge was spinning,  Turned on my heat pumps (2 * 13,500 btu) and the gauge spun slower.   Could not believe it but was very happy.  Heat pumps heated my motorhome down to 35 degrees outside then turned on furnace.

Robert Mememe says:

Since you are pretty much stationary why don’t you get a big 100lb or bigger and have it hooked to the RV while you are there?

Highway says:

Do you have a drain line for the A/C?

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

Cool review — pun intended. = )

Lawrence Constantine says:

I am sorry but piece of crap and no it wont you are on land put in a tank also did you not op for duel pain window if i remember you did not i love watching but sometime i say a

Kevin Wilson says:

where do I type in promotion code? I’ve tried many times. Final price with 20% off should be $399 right?

Francisco Conceicao says:

Do you have to vent the unit on heat in the winter?

Astro Camper says:

You bought the wrong unit for RV. Always buy the units with two vents that go to the outside. It takes air from outside to cool the condenser and throws it back outside. Your machine blows that air out, creates vacuum in an RV and hot air from the outside get sucked in through all the cracks. Bad choice

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