NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner | Product Review | Tips for Staying Cool in Your RV

We have been using the NewAir 10100E Portable Air Conditioner to supplement the RV air conditioner in our 36 foot 5th wheel, and we love it!

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We have a 30 amp, 36 foot 5th wheel. It is a rear living model, which means that the main living area is surrounded by windows. We love the light and the views that all of the windows give us, but we don’t like the heat that comes with them. When the sun heats up they act like mini heaters!

Sunset in Lubec, MaineSunset in Lubec, Maine, viewed from our back windows
When we got into hot areas with no shade, like much of the south west, we were having to put reflectix in all of the windows. Even then, the temperatures reached 80 degrees in the main room.

We were desperate to find a solution. We even had to change our travel plans for the summer of 2018 so that we would be in cooler climates.

One option was to get a second air conditioner installed. Since we have a 30 amp rig the tech would have to drop the power cord for it through the bottom of the RV. We would then have to plug it into the 20amp receptacle on the power pedastal.

We considered that, but it wouldn’t have solved our problem. A second a/c would only cool the bedroom. We needed a solution that would supplement the main a/c and help cool the entire rig.

We also needed something that could cool at least one room of our RV very fast. We have a 4 month old so we take frequent stops while we travel. We needed to be able to come into the RV, turn on the generators and A/C, and have it quickly cool a room. Our main air conditioner simply couldn’t do it.

That was when NewAir contacted us and asked us if we’d like to review one of their spot cooling options. We jumped on the chance to review the 10100E portable A/C, and we haven’t regretted it. Now when we come into the RV on a hot day it actually feels cool! Inside temperatures have gone from 80+ degrees down to 70.

It only uses 1070 watts (10 amps) of power. A 30 amp rig can run it along with the main a/c. It can also run off a 2000 watt generator with power to spare.
It doubles as a dehumidifier. It removes 4.6 pints of moisture per hour.
Most of the moisture is vented out the exhaust. The small amount that remains is collected in a reservoir inside of the unit. It can be drained when it is full.
It is compact, with dimensions (W x D x H) of 12.1″ x 15.1″ x 29.6″, and only weighs 50 pounds.
It is highly portable. It has wheels and a carry handle. The exhaust vent is quite long, so we can roll it out of its corner and point it to different areas of the RV.
It comes with a remote, and has quite a few extra options like sleep mode, timers, and a fan only mode.
The power cord has an integrated GFCI, which greatly reduces the chance of electrical shock or fire.
It has a built in air purifier in the form of a carbon filter. To clean it you simply remove the filter and wash it.
I should also mention that there is the AC-10100H model. It has the same specifications as the 10100E, except it can double as a heater. That seems like a neat feature and we would have liked to test it, but unfortunately NewAir is out of stock at the time of this writing. They were expecting more soon, so if that feature interests you then check their web site to see if they have more in stock.

We have enjoyed this air conditioner very much. It is compact, easy to transport, and does an excellent job cooling our RV. If you need a second air conditioner, or if you want a small air conditioner that you can run off a generator, then we hope that you consider purchasing the NewAir 10100E Portable Air Conditioner!

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Ray Cordero says:

Thanks for the review. How loud is it compared to the roof A/C?


We had the same issue with not cooler our travel trailer down. I bought a second AC and installed it myself since it was already wired for it. But the back half of the RV is still always warmer then the front half that has the new AC. Thanks for the video though.

Larry Vincent says:

Please give us an assessment of the noise level of this portable AC. Is it as loud as a comparable window unit?

Carter Giles says:

Would love to see your dual Honda generator setup. Do you store them in your truck bed and have to take them out to use them,etc,etc,etc….

Taka Yama says:

I like!! And need this

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