Most Asked Questions About Portable Air Conditioners

Watch this video to learn the answers to the most asked questions about portable air conditioners.


Deila Montoya says:

Do I need to add water

cat number 5 Alan Jackson fan / Conway twitty fan says:

can portable air conditioners fit in slideing windows

Acap 7x says:

Does cooling function needs exhaust host installed? I’m kinda new to this stuff..

Jupiter MacWillow says:

Can the coolant be replaced? You didn’t tell us your website.

The WALLDORF says:

Can u recharge them? Mine just QUIT blowing cool air. One day, it didn’t blow cold. Turned it off….turned back on….cold air was back! Then next day, same situation…but this time no cold and NO JOY when I turned it back on. Just a very expensive and heavy FAN. I’m wondering if the digital controls are messed up or just quit working right after so much time….

keith meffert says:

just get a window unit

lank278 says:

Single hose units don’t work well unless you’re looking for an air exchanger, I have one in my garage and it keeps all the smell of oil, cigarette smoke, and anything else in there down. When it is running you can feel the air being sucked in around the big garage door (allot of air) and when I open the man door it flies open because of all the air being sucked out from the unit. I tried it in the house and it does cool the room it is in but makes every other room even hotter because of the air it needs to suck in your house to run. They should all have two hoses, but allot of people don’t know this so all companies take advantage of the cheaper cost to make the unit.      

Ben says:


ken sun says:

i need one without window hose !

Staminist says:

How is this portable when you need a specific place to went…

PANCARTERAS Venezuela says:

Hi. I have a Premium 1207 . Do I have to fill water on it? How do I do this? Thanks in advance…

Crazy Gil says:

I bought Midea Mobile type air conditioner, when plug in, the extension wire became hot. What happened?

julie dominique says:

How do I get cold air to come out? It’s only blowing room temp air??

GMC Aircon says:

Great video! Portable Aircons are great for places where space is at a premium or perhaps you’re unable to get a traditional aircon unit installed. Liked and subscribed, thanks again for taking the time to produce a quality video.

Brenda Penney says:

i have a portable ac and in the back there are two hoses one blows out hot air what is the other one for

stacy hill says:

want to know what to do when the alarm mode come on please help me

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