LG Portable AC Review

LG Model # LP1415GXR Review. This unit failed in cooling my 17’X20′ insulated garage. See the details in the video.


John says:

Thanks for this. Was considering getting one. I’m in Texas hell, so it would be even worse here.

My problem is I don’t have a window in my garage, so my options are limited. Don’t feel like busting my outside brick walls up at the moment.

joe b says:

shorten the pipe to the window?

Brendan Barge says:

Damn I’m sorry about that. Thanks for making this though. I have the same AC and it cools down my room, but it keeps leaking. I’ve had it for a year and it never said that the water tank was full. It still leaks from the back (where the funnel enters) and it leaks from the sides. I have no idea how to fix it and I have no idea why it makes so much water leak. If anyone could give some options that would be appreciated thank you.


your house electrical circuits may not be separated on a breaker room by room. You may have that outlet connected to other outlets which have other consumers plugged in. You can find that out easily by turning off the breaker for that circuit and plug in a light into the rest of your outlets in the house to find out which ones aren’t powered, then you know for sure. My house is wired this way , I know its a lot of work but that’s about the only way to find out unless you have the original blueprints for the house electrical which most people don’t have. Also I have seen sometimes that the breaker is weak and disconnects at a lesser load than 12 amps. Then you just have to replace the breaker which is usually easier than screwing around doing something else. I am an HVAC tech and so that’s why I know. Good luck!

Uriel Septim says:

oh dang your veins. haha!


just has to be installed correctly in a properly insulated garage, has to be a dual hose design or it won’t work, my garge can get down to 71 when it’s 95 outside and 75 when it’s 100 and up outside. my Garage is almost 1000 square feet so my 14,000 BTU unit is undersized and it cools the space just fine spend all the money on insulation then get an AC will post a video soon.

Silver says:

Try some Reflectix on the inside of the Garage Door

pavy415 says:

or you just got a defective unit return it for a new one

Nutz4Gunz45 says:

You should check out the Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU dual hose. It keeps my 25ftX25ft insulated garage 70 degrees when its 90+ degrees outside.

Claude Rains says:

You’re house is built cheap. As I bet dollars to donuts you’re pulling hot air from every crack in the attic and doors. As these single hose units are notorious for creating negative pressure. Get one with two hoses that vent cool air from outside and the other vents the hot air out. I would also wrap the hot air hose with R20 insulation. As that hose is putting heat back into the room.

It might help to use nano window film on those windows as well. As they are heat sinks.

Trust me, Texas in August will cook bacon on the windows by 10am and my niece lives in Melbourne Florida and they use the two hose ACHeat Pump and it cools the room down to 50 degrees..

Emerson linares says:

ami se me arruino al año y ya casi no sirve

Arif Salmani says:

friend please tell me what means of auto clean

Felix Ortega says:

these ac sucks it did the same to me

potatochobit says:

silly kid, maybe you didnt get the memo, but garages are not insulated and if you want to cool a GIANT garage you need to buy something far over 15,000 BTUs especially if the sun is shining on two of your walls, especially the metal garage door. anyway, stop being a baby and just open the door and get a fan.

Bluelight Gaming says:

Thanks for making this video. This things cooling capacity sucks I would have taken it back for a refund. My 95 garage needs some thing better.


How well is your garage insulated? from the looks of the garage door I could not tell how insulated or if it was at all. I have a 4 car garage, just shy of 1,000 square ft. with 12 foot celings that gets down to 69-75 degrees when it’s up to 100 outside using an undersized 14,000 BTU unit. The trick is you need a dual hose unit and the garage needs to be properly insulated like almost R50 in the attic. at least R13++ in the walls insulated doors and a properly insulated garge door. Need to have good soffit to help cool the attic. vents also my baffles in the attic help to keep it cool. My AC must be really close to the outside don’t want to have a long hose run My AC unit is placed up next to the ceiling in the corner of my garage vents out through insulated hoses through the soffit hot air is exhust and return air is sucked in to cool the coil. My garage is now comfortable, will make a video and post.

Krystal Johnson says:

how can I get the top part to drain out the hose?? it’s not working??

Docwho 10th says:

The reason why portables don’t work is because there are no cooling standards for them like the window units…there are some standards coming in 2017..stay away from these especially if you live in tropical or subtropical climates. If you live in a low humidity climate then you might? be able to get about 30% capacity from them which is about a decrease of 5 to 6 degrees…which is still a big ripoff.

GoldenAgeK9 says:

so does it cool down the room yes or no…

Alan Motley says:

He did not take out the foam from the vent on the top

amybeth0 says:

Ours is two years old. The problem that we have is that it fills up with water very quickly…i.e. in an hour or so. For whatever reason it no longer pumps the water out on its own, and we have to empty it manually. Does anybody else have this problem and if so how did you remedy it?

Kur0sak11chig0 says:

Texas room is 25 X 30 Cools great !! WONDERFUL PORTABLE our room is freezing !!!

E A says:

What if you place the unit closer to the window thus shortening the exhaust hose and reducing the heat that’s generated and disbursed back into the garage?

Simple Username says:

f2 is jackass

Robert Corley says:

You have to cover the exhaust output with towels and then duck tape them ,it will work

Sampawende says:

Thanks for that video ! I experienced the same thing with the LP1214GXR…. It does cool nothing, it’s noisy and it was making my breakers to jump in less than 2-3 hours !
I was tempted by jumping back in the “portable AC” experience after seeing one actually working at a friend’s apartment but your video reminded me the exact same experience I had with my last PAC…That was an unpleasant experience….
I’ll just go with a window AC or a proper AC installation in my next apartment. It’s not worth the trouble and taking the chance for only 1-2 months of heat a year….

wallabing says:

You should of never bought Home Depots extended service plan, they will outright do everything to deny your contract and give you no service.


maybe turn the ac up you redneck lmao you seriously did not put the temp down or you jus t a redneck hillbilly livin in a garage

molomosk123 says:

be careful with the “three” year warranties. Even though you are getting a free one year warranty with the MFG. they are selling you a three year which the if anything happens within the first year they defer to the MFG warranty anyway.. so in reality you payed for two years… its a scam.

Bluelight Gaming says:

If u have windows in the garage, why wouldn’t u just buy a window unit?

Outsida2K says:

How is the air conditioner doing now?

snyper069 says:

Mine worked for a while and then started blowing warm air. Emptied water and it never cooled again. VERY difficult to service. Would not recommend purchase of that AC. Just not a good machine.

bigmitch1961 says:

LG  this unit is the worst shuts of every 3 mins 1 year old Garbage

James Prince says:

Is that a double wide non- insulated overhead garage door? What’s the outside and inside temperature of the garage door?


The 3 windows in the sun generate alot of heat.

Eli Laguna says:

I been have in it for 2 years the same unit compressor is making a very loud noise u know what it is?

Kur0sak11chig0 says:

Turn the fan speed on 3 and see what it does

BrianDC says:

Is that a Vans RV I see in the background?

Robert Corley says:

Or insulation material

Eddie Imperial says:

Every once in awhile you have to clean the coils of these units. Also extra filtering fiber is recommended.

Babak Be says:

I have the same AC and probably a bigger garage than you. The AC cooled down my place tremendously probably because i had mine closer to the window. That hose is hot as fuck man, thats why you garage didn’t cool down. You’re only supposed to have a 20 inch gap between the a/c unit and the window. You had yours waaaayy to far out.

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