LG LW8012ER 8000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Review

Product link: http://amzn.to/2sTR56W
This is a review for the LG LW8012ER 8000 BTU Window Air Conditioner.


amdnovello says:

I don’t think it’s noisy at all.

Marcus Borden says:


13medinedis says:

Question mine is the same it just doesn’t have LG anyways mine turns on but then all of a sudden it sounds like it’s turning off and hot air comes out, what do I do?

1twinkey says:

I just got an Lg model LW2513ER ….does your lg turn on and off on the cool setting when it gets to temp…i noticed mine does on the cool setting

Maria Lopez says:

how do u use the timer ? what is it for

nmssis says:

got the same unit, been kickin it quiet for over 4 years and never once did I uninstall during winter seasons. But I do agree that they can do better job with the side curtains. Just bought two more.

Docwho 10th says:

The noise you are hearing is the rattling of the air filter..all you have to do is put black tape around the edges of the filter and it runs silent..easy fix.

Bliss says:

I got this and I can’t fit it into the freakin window! It’s much longer than my old 8,000 btu ac. It’s newer, it shouldn’t be longer and heavier. I don’t know what to make of it cool wise, the side thingies I need help getting it into the window.

ureviews says:

Product link: http://amzn.to/2sTR56W
Thanks for the awesome comments. Keep them coming.

Jonathan Morfin says:

Oscillate: Aw-SILL-Ate.    Circulate: Sir-QUE-late


I have LG air conditioner But it’s not same

Paul W says:

I have a unit just like yours, but mine is 12,000 BTUs I purchased mine in 2011, to replace a broken one.

ureviews says:

I don’t recall, I now have the GE brand. going to review it soon.

Matt Nick says:

i like the noise

Mijak says:

have one of these, is it supposed to stop blowing every 15 minutes and take 30 min too cut back on and start cooling again,? is there a way to have it blow constantly, ?

Weech0 says:

I hear a little howl on yours. I just bought a 2016 model and hear the howl as well. It can get pretty annoying. Other than that love it. Wish it didn’t howl though.

Martin Zio says:

Do you have to use drainage for this AC?

Dean Lamarre says:

Hey, I just bought this unit.. the black drain plug..Did you install it?? I hear water slushing around, so I removed the drain crap in the back and the water was draining.. But I can’t figure out how to install the drain plug that was given? do you have experience with that??

Jared Tonge says:

As long as it cools the place it’s ok

Kenneth Ramos says:


Docwho 10th says:

Also…run your AC in “Dry Mode” and it will cut your bill almost in half by running the motor on low and lowering the humidty to around 40%…get yourself a humidity sensor.

Marcus Borden says:

water is coming out of the vent.

ureviews says:

There’s no way to pitch it more, it’s as pitched as it could be (The wings on the side will not match if I pitch it more). I do think it depends if you live in a very humid area or not. Water pretty much drips at a good rate when this thing is running. It’s been running like this for a week now and works very well.

67tr876 says:

I have the 2009/2010 model am happy with it only thing is the grill is fixed and can not move up or down. same BTU tho

Lysandra Vega says:

Lg is cool

85nikki96 says:

I don’t think it’s noisy at all! Very nice white noise.  Does a great job cooling. I don’t hear a high-pitched sound and I have good ears.  Perhaps put in the drain in the back–unplug the cap and stick it in.  Perhaps you have water accumulating to cause noise. There are 3 L-brackets supplied for added support, 2 go on the outer sill, and one goes on the right side of the air conditioner on the inner sill.  I see you don’t have the right sided L-bracket on.  Maybe this is the cause for the vibration. Also, bring curtains in to cover side panels–there is a lot of light coming in, and use a thick shade. 

MrJohnnyDistortion says:

I think drilling holes was a mistake & you should have pitched the unit back a little & this would have eliminated your problem. As I mentioned,all the research I conducted claim that the water that puddles in the outside portion of the unit is scooped up by a sling & splashed against the coils to cool them. Others have mentioned that pitching it back eliminated all noise and other problems. I hope the unit doesn’t overheat and cause problems. You might want to fill the hole & pitch it back.

A G says:

It’s very noise. i have one, is horrible!

Alex Moore says:

I think you should have done more research for you needs. The Keystone was a 6000BTU, then the LG is 8000BTU. Friedrich is known to make the best window A/C units. The problem is people don’t want to pay for them. I own 3 Friedrich windows units (2-5450BTU & 1-8000BTU) in addition 1-P12B (11,600BTU) portable & they all are amazing. Quiet, efficient, solid remotes & dependable. I purchased an 5000BTU GE model # AET05LW @ Walmart $99.00 for my aunt. I must admit it works like a charm for the $

ureviews says:

You know I got a New GE AC it worked really well, no rattles, consistent sound. I didn’t review it because I wanted to give it some time to really run it through it’s pace. A week ago I wake in the morning and the thing is spitting out water from the vent.
So at that point, I was saying to myself, that’s it, I’m drilling holes so it drains. I did, and now it works really well. I think in very Humid areas it must be a must. I can see how in a dry areas it can help the function of the a/c.

The Adult Contemporary Music Channel says:

what is the quietest 8,000 BTU now?

ureviews says:

Yes, but keeping something you don’t like for a long time is even worse…. I ended up sticking with the GE brand, i’ll post a review soon.

Rob J says:

I had this same unit & it cooled well it ran a bit loud compared to others I had especially on fan mode. It would screech & make a loud noise especially on low. Other than that the unit cooled well & seemed durable. I ended up getting a Frigidaire it’s much quieter & cools just as well.

Bliss says:

I ordered LG 8,000 and had to return it because it was HUGE and barely fit in the window, but once in, it only cooled right in front and down the line from that. A few feet to the left of it? It didn’t cool. So, I returned it and got a GE, smaller and works better.

The Adult Contemporary Music Channel says:

I love my LG tv, but they suck in AC’s!

Bassistdan1 says:

I have the 10k BTU version of the same A/C unit. It’s been 5 years, almost to the day, that I purchased it. It recently started leaking and spraying water into my bedroom and the fan sounds like it’s going to break thru the housing. The filter is cleaned regularly. I didn’t have a problem with the fan on high, although I do agree that it is a bit loud. I guess I’m going to research this now before I toss this one in the garbage!

diego day says:

I broke the the botton

The Adult Contemporary Music Channel says:

I have it in my bedroom. it sucks its very noisy!

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