LG Dual Inverter 1.5T air conditioner review (BSA18BEYD/BSA18MAYD)

Summers are here, I just got a brand new LG inverter AC, I thought I’d do a review on it. Hope this video helps you out in buying your new AC. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
PS: I will immediately remove comments with an advertisement, dealers promoting their brands with false misleading information like 1Ton AC cooling like 1.5Ton and hate speech. Healthy discussion only. Watch the full video before asking anything.

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Madhu Reddy says:

mosquito away doesn’t work

Chetan Chopra says:

Hi charlie ,
I am planning to buy AC but a bit confused bw Daikin 3star FTKH60series(Inverter) and LG Dual cool inverter(3star).
Daikin says”100% copper” does that really matters and what about Lg?
Plz do help.
I am waiting for your Reply.

Technical niraj says:

Videoco or blue star ac is better than all ac

Mohammad Usman says:

price to batado sab to bataadiye

shsrm3 says:

nice video..can you please let me know the length between 2 legs of outdoor unit bracket..i already have a stand installed from my old ac. i just want to make sure whether this LG fits without having to remove the bracket and reinstall it..


hey man i want to know that does this inverter ac requires a external voltage stabilizer or not? please reply fast.

Sai Nadh says:

how low can it go

Dharana Makwana says:

22K views <3

S S Cooling Service says:

how to runing amps

Himanshu Gupta says:

Hello, I have bought lg dual inverter ac. The compressor switches on and off if i keep it at 28. I have heard everywhere that inverter compressors don’t switch off. But mine keeps switching on and off if i set it at 28, 29. Is it normal?? Please confirm.

Dolon Ghosh says:

I am confused between this one vs samsung’s world 1st 8 pole digital inverter ac? Pls reply which one is better…

Jagadish babu says:

Hi bro nice review..!May i have an explanation about what is the need of dual inverter in air conditioner i mean the feature helps in which purpose either it reduses power consumption or it protects the ac from power fluctuations,and how different it from inverter Ac

Praveen L says:

Good review, can you please post a review on Bluestar 1.5 Ton Inverter model 5CNHW18DAFU, Thanks

Venkatesh E says:

Hi Charlie, Nice review. Can you please tell me what type of condenser it has ?? copper or aluminum.thanks.

sameer kadam says:

LG official installation or third party franchise installed the Unit? How was experience with installation process & which city?

Mohammad Arif says:

It’s awesome review Charlie, I just bought the same unit yesterday itself, and wanted to sneak peak about it.

Thanks again!

ali trunkwala says:

#charlie bro sab kuch to bata diya ab plz iska price to batao.

Venkatesh E says:

I tried to to buy 2 Ton version of this ac , but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Bangalore.

sampath kumar Banala says:

hi charlie…. which is best brand AC in India. my choices are Daikin, carrier, LG Dual inverter, Voltas, Hitachi. Is Daikin 1.5 ton 3 star better than LG Dual Inverter 1.5 ton 3 star AC.

muhammad malik says:

(1.5 ton AC) ,normal for how much room size? what you recommend?

Vishal Vampire says:

whats the
price in india?

sagar srivastava says:

plz tell what is dual inverter? how much power it consumes both max. & min.?

Benjamin Rajesh says:

Nice review.

chini chini says:

from lg.com it’s very expensive. anyone know another website I can buy? I like it very much.

srinivas.rao.l Sutrawe says:

bro tell me which is less 16 or even goes less than it ,and high cooling how much 25 or more.And most important thing i want to know is that your lg ac does it works well in 50 degrees temperature? because lots of people’s say lg wont work in high temperature of 50 degrees.Thanks in advance.

ezhil raja says:

LG product is good but the service is not good

Deepak Kapoor says:

Hi Charlie
Thanks for showing demo for this product even technician from LG does not have knowledge about this product, my only question is that even after operating for five hour unit consumed is 9 which is on higher side & does not match with LG claim of 1000 unit for 1600 hr of usage .
Pls give some tips how to operate so that my power consumption become less
waiting for your reply

Anirudh Tech says:

who is best ac 2ve ya 4ve

Bharat parasramani says:

Is it in copper coil or aluminium ?


hitachi inverter 2 ton ac or lg inverter 2 ton ac or diakin 1.8 to ac? which one is best?

angrej singh says:

what is the price and the condenser material.

Mikaela Hyakuya says:

Hi! I’m from Thailand
In my country LG is good A/C (but not the best) and it is cheap compare to Mitsubishi and Daikin which are the best A/C brand in my country but sometimes it has a defect and got a after sale problem
almost LG A/C are use in resort or apartment because it’s cheap haha
by normally people are trying to buy the best one (Mitsubishi and Daikin) because they want it to run very well and no problem and good energy efficiency if they have more money to buy it . or maybe buy Thailand A/C brand like Central Air or Chinese brand like Haier or Panasonic and etc ..

I’m thinking about buying new A/C maybe 1 Ton of Mitsubishi 3D Move Eye Human Sensor (Inverter) about 66000INR or 1100$ or maybe Daikin FTKM12NV2S (Inverter) about 50000 INR or 7600$
all these model which I have type above have got very very good energy efficiency ; In Thailand we called “SEER” ; about Top 10 of the highest SEER in the country haha

PS.Sorry for my bad English but I hope you’re understand
BTW. Great video Hope you enjoy this A/C

ezhil raja says:

need to consider the service also, when you buy a product.

KD KrAzzY Go Videos says:

Hey i want to know something about it ! I thought to buy JS-Q12BPXA 1 tone coz my room is small so is it good for buy !

Varun Kulkarni says:

Is really a energy efficient product can u share how much units it takes on an average use of 10 hrs daily in a month ??

srinivas.rao.l Sutrawe says:

bro some people tell that inverter ac has pcu in it and it gets repair again and again every time new needed please tell me thanks in advance why are you not answering

Kulwant PP461 says:

In lg dual inverter what is the difference in alloy and copper ac…which is better

Technical Sales says:

hello everyone,
as explained in the video first of all u should check these parameters before buying any airconditioners:_
1)Power input
2) running current
3) noise level of indoor & outdoor
4) warranty
5) technology -either fixed speed or invert-er (in which compressor adjusts the frequency)
6) type of connection-single phase /3 phase
7)ISEER(Indian Seasonal Energy efficiency Ratio
8) and the most important service support.
9) type of condenser -Bluefin/copper /aluminium

for LG make split airconditioners
power input is as follows
1) JS Q12 NPXA – 1100WATTS 1TON
2) JS Q18 NPXA -1760WATTS 1.5TON
3) JS Q24 NPXA-2090WATTS 2.0 TON

Piyush Salphale says:

Nice review Charlie.
I have purchased BSA18BEYD recently; the AC is really good, but the warranty card does not mentions anything about the 5 years MF condenser warranty, Warranty card only mentions 10 years compressor warranty. Have you also observed the same thing, please let me know.

LG cust care says even though 5 years condenser warranty is not written on warranty card still I will get the same for my model. So I am confused about this.

Ashutosh Agarwal says:

Can you provide a link for that small digital room temperature ?

Sofia Girl says:

I am planning to buy LG jsq12auxa 1ton ac..my bedroom is 143sqft and situated downstairs..should I go for 1.5ton or 1ton is enough? thankyou

Venkatesh E says:

so costly and it doesn’t have selftest feature. I found similar model in Samsung AR24JV5HBWK
with lesser price compared to LG

Aravindha .k says:


Shivam Sharma says:

Price ?


Hi this has Alloy condenser , how different it is form copper and alumunium..

Yasmean Iqbal says:

plz tell me how many units dose it use in one hour

Vishesh Thanvi says:

nice review charlie I am also going to buy one but mine is a 3star 1.5 ton, it has air flow of 17 ft so a 1.5 ton is sufficient for a room sized 225sq ft.

Prashant Solanki says:

lg ka dual inverter vala kesa rhenga lg brand kesa h aaj hi lena h reply fast plz….

Jpg Jpg says:

is it copper or aluminium????

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