How to Install the Kapsul W5

Kapsul’s Community Manager, Caitlin Antram, takes you step-by-step through the installation of the soon-to-be-released Kapsul W5 window air conditioner.

**Please Note: The W5 was designed for use in single or double-hung horizontal windows only and will not work if placed vertically.**

More specs and info available at


R3I3NTl3ZZ says:

Where can I buy this amazing product!!!

Abadin B&B says:

I am glad you guys got it done, was waiting for about 1.5 years now. Just ordered the first 2 unites about a week ago. Very excited to get them.

TheVancouverGuy says:

Will this work for a window that opens and slides horizontally?

J Kaufman says:

Is this just a demo unit that you’re installing, or an actual production unit? I’ve done a pre-order, but the website says that I won’t receive it until Spring 2019.

hamburger gloves says:

I want one so bad

James Warrior says:

Cuando se inician las ventas? Funcionara en sudamerica??

blink1181 says:

Hello I would love to have this in my basement windows . I was planning to remove the windows and place it but I see I have more than 10 and half inches . Does your product come with adapters for height?

Brendiux says:

Is this the Noria? They look similar.

Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano says:

Split ac fanboy and windows ac haters can *FINALLY* Shut Up about these LOL

HopefullyYoulaughed Itsjust4fun says:

Where do I buy this and when are they coming out

xoxo2008oxox says:

Hi Caitlin. Thanks for demonstration and link from Kickstarter. I see it looks bigger than original (but still smaller footprint than typical 5KBTU window unit). I notice the indoor vent is really close to the window, which means curtains can’t be drawn. How about blinds? Maybe optional removal duct to allow forward flow? Do the lights/leds dim/off for night mode? I got tape on mine now…I mean don’t marketers ask if this will be too bright at night?

kun snoing says:

Power consumption: how many watt to start the AC?

kblp says:

Will there be a version with more BTU’s in the future? 5000 BTU is like 0.4 Ton. Thats pretty low. You should release a 1 Ton (12,000 BTU) which would be good for small rooms in hot places.

James Christensen says:

Bravo! Other window air conditioners are needlessly awkward to install.

Seb E says:

despite our houses being as drafty as a chicken coop which makes cooling more than a room stupid; here in Australia all you can get are giant split systems and larger window mounted air cons, and stupidly useless portables that suck hot air in from outside. I look forward to the windowlicking retards who run our stores here never ever looking into these because god forbid we have any real variety beyond different brands selling the same thing over and over.

Jaybha Jaybhai says:

I want to buy this portable a.c. Give me the address

Guy Marsden says:

Will there be any kind of gasket around the unit where it slips into the frame. Looks like there’s a bit of a gap there…

Rock Singewald says:

once the adapter is installed, can you still close the screen part of the combination unit without the Kapsul in the window?

Old Eng dg says:

Is this unit actually blowing cold air or just air ?

19popo87 says:

price? moreless?

Patricia Deshane says:

I think that the part of the window that you drilled is hard plastic on my windows. Would a hole be able to be drilled into that plastic to put a screw in?

Christiaan Sidell says:


Comrade Hatuey says:

The important question that I wan’t to know is… how do you clean it? is it possible? especially when it rains a lot.

ChrisCo-Op Gaming says:

Cannot wait for this to come out.

Vladimir Putin says:

Nobody has made a 220 volts dual hose portable AC 14,000 BTU till now..if u can make this many people would be glad…there is one whynter ARC 14SH but that is of 110 volts…I hope u do something in future

w1p30ut3r says:

A can use it in vertical too?

Trina Kisner says:

How much is it?

Matthew Gaylen says:

yay…! Can you send us an image of what it looks like from the outside?

Kat Hockman says:

Caitlin…can this somehow be adapted to a Chevy express cargo van? I’m searching for something small like this unit….no luck so far…I travel and camp with 3 little dogs…

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