Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Review MN12CES

Excellent Machine. Would highly recommend.

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cornelxbox25 says:

I bought one anywell 🙂

Joe R Rodriguez says:

I have Honeywell wit heat 14000 btu unit , I a can set to turn off but having a hard time to get it to go on auto wise I am allowing the instructions like to turn off HELP

Tonmoy Ghosh says:

thanks for the review. just decided to buy one today off ebay. $399 brand new

Ben J says:

With electricity prices going up, I’m considering on getting one of these units. thank you.

Kendall Builders says:

Thanks for the video Mike, could you tell me if you the window vent is noticeable from outside? I want to put this on a front window on my house. Thanks

Dustin Pagliughi says:

Seriously thinking of buying this unit after watching this video. I was also considering the Haier, but I know the honeywell brand better.|ttr[cat|1181[art|NA[pid|58293[tid|NA[bbc|NA

robm425 says:

Add some foam to around the window to better seal off the room. at the window

mattabiko24 says:

what is ur portable ac btu?

kippy saujet says:

curious on noise level. have a different brand now and when the compressor is on it sounds like the mothership is going to land. going to buy a new one after 10 years, so besides cooling the noise level is very important to me.

Comicalsun says:

is the installation process hard? I want to get one but don’t think I will be able to install it myself..

Jamie H says:

thanks very helpful answered everything i was wondering about

Baskaa2000 says:

Just a suggestion, if you could have put 30 seconds of just the sound of the unit, that would have been very helpful. It’s one thing to say a unit has a low volume of sound, but many people cannot stand ANY level of high pitched noise, or a constant pulsing sound like a chugging engine.

ikast98 says:

I have 3 of these and I can’t seem to get it lower than 78 degrees. I live in a climate much cooker than Texas. The only difference is I needed to set it up using the vertical method. I guess this makes a difference. Also one of my units leaks water.

K Sparks says:

Hi Josh I was wondering if you used the heater and if the AC still good? thanks

javawriter says:


mattabiko24 says:

honeywell made from where?…

flyin18t says:

Does the window adapter collapse down to a small enough size to fit a horizontal sliding basement window? (Approx 12 inches of an opening.) Thank you in advance.

Simple Binary says:

Is that the air intake ?

butterandjamtoast says:

it sounds really quiet. the lg 10,000 btu i just bought 3 days ago is so loud!…and low and high fan speed are identical in noise and airflow. i will be returning to home depot and probably getting this. appreciate the review

daniella Gutterman says:

its on sale here :

Annette Hollander says:

Hello, Thank you very much for your review, is your machine 14, 000 btu’s?

Bart Nash says:

Thanks for the professional review. I’m looking for information on the Auto-evaporation system that allows for continuous operation without having to drain water.

those1kidds says:

Just got a used one off amazon for $300… Hope it works well **fingers crossed**

MrPanther826 says:

How does the Auto-Evaporation system work?  do you have to drain any excess water frequently ( via pan drainage at the bottom ) or none at all?  thanks!

Danny Shin says:

Do you think getting the warranty is necssary?

hugeroost says:

Josh, fellow Texan here, Beaumont, insane heat and humidity, looking to put this in daughters room, want to run it all night, what about the drain, do I need to empty every 2 hours, can I rig it to continuously drain in a bucket, thanks, Roost

Djmx87 says:

Question! How does the auto drain work. It says it has a Auto-Evaporation System. What does that mean??

Richard Michael says:

Just Pulled The Trigger On Amazon… Thanks.

Eclair says:

Gonna get this. GF absolutely hates the warm weather … no hugs no kisses, no nothing when she’s feeling the heat .. i know the irony.

Mike T says:

Hi there, it’s been about 2 years now – how’s it works still?

Kyle Sterling says:

thanks man

meoconusa1 says:

The one u have – is it in black/silver or just black? There is difference in price for colors. Thanks!

MG MG says:

Thanks for the review very helpful!

Jennifer Godfrey says:

hi.. im thinking about getting this model my only concern is the window piece bcuz i have huge windows and they open from side to side not up and down so id need to put the piece vertical where the hose is going out the window.. will it still stay in place?

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