Haier 5000 BTU review electronically controlled Air Conditioner

115 volt electronically controlled air conditioner. 5000 BTU
good air conditioner for small room. subscribe more to come


Elevatortoursbyzackpearce says:

Pos made in China

Vann Berg says:

is it still working? haier is junk, i woulkd e suprised if its still alive

yomomobitch says:

this “AC” is a fucking piece of shit!

Mohamed Bakkha says:

Good review guys I just bought and installed same one but 6000 BTU ,I’m testing it now hopefully will great

Gabriel Nogueira says:

Hi, is there a light inside air conditioner?

yomomobitch says:

do not buy it it sucks really bad

Tom Louwell says:

what HA-HER? Its Haier

Ali Paradise says:

my power cord works because the light works on the power cord but the ac itself won’t turn on please help

VirtualLife says:

I have a Haier and Frigidaire window. There r so many things wrong with window air conditioners, and it’s 2017. U would think they would get things right by now. First, the stupid temperature settings, it never turns on or off at the right temperature of the room, and it’s so far off sometimes. I’m constantly having to adjust the temp to turn it on or make it run cooler. They put the dam sensor somewhere far back inside and seems to go more by the outside temperature. Second, they put a drain plug almost more inside the front half the AC in the Fridgidair and about 3 inches from the back on the Haier, instead of putting it on the corner at the farthest back where it would completely drain out, keeping the bottom nearly dry. They give the excuse that the water collecting at the bottom helps the cooling of the coils so it’s more efficient, but imo it causes greater humidity lvls and stale water vapors to mix into the air, which is not healthy. For me, not worth the efficiency. Third, the energy saver, which one expects the fan to stop when the temp is reached, instead, often times literally stop the fan for 1 sec or few secs before turning right back on again. Fourth, the fold out pane should actually b on the outside the window so the rain water doesn’t drop down into the inside of the window. I actually had to drill a hole about 2 inches form the back of the Frigidaire to have the water drain out properly so it doesn’t collect and start splashing into the house through the vent. The Frigidaire’s air also doesn’t blow straight so the left right fin angles hardly do anything. It blows the air literally about 45 deg angle off from the center, so if i wanted to blow the air straight, i have to angle the fins all the way to one direction. The Haier didn’t have this issue.

turgeautv says:

wow!! don’t you see in the vents, there is nothing between the outside
and your home except that thin piece of styrofoam, for now.. Good luck
when the bugs start getting in…amazed how little people look at what
there buying.. Unreal!

Scott Ross says:

Can you replace just the power cord? My puppy chewed mine in two!

brett kelly says:

Good to see young men have pride in there purchases.

Mike Blarney says:

went fron 5000 btu to 6000 btu and its like double the cold in here. huge diff

Samantha Brown says:

I just buy one and am so so mad, because it’s not holding properly because the window is not straight air is escaping

broosks88 says:

Good Job gracias

jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible says:

Haier just bout ge

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