Frigidaire LRA087AT7 8,000 btu Air Conditioner Review

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Steven c says:

What temperature does it work best at in summer

Thomas Henegar says:

how do you reset the filter light?

Aaron Montel says:

i think it on timer i need to no how to take it off timer to regluar air condiction

Mohammad Sh. says:

is it quite

motorhead45102 says:

I have this but the 10,000btu model and they do work great, a lot better than that haier brand from walmart.

DeejNTexas says:

We purchased this a little over a month ago. Works great in our converted garage. Room size is 15′ x 19′ and it cools it down just fine. Does not require a 220V outlet, just the regular 110, which is one of the main reasons we purchased it. Very happy so far! Oh, and it is HOT in Texas!

stephen3719 says:

Thanks for review, can you tell me about how quiet your ac is

Adam Anderson says:

Just got one, 229.99 from best buy! house was 90′  had it down to 66 in about 2-3 hours i had to turn it off! lol Slightly loud, but I may have to tweak the cages! But overall im pleased so far!

Flash says:

How do you low if the engery saver mode is on or not?

Linda O. says:

Thanks for the review. I was looking for an air conditioner this size but didn’t know what brand to go with. Now I know.

The Rolls Royce Trent says:

Many people do set the fan speed on LOW so it blows the coldest air. And it does save money / electricity.

Krozar TAL says:

To add: this unit has 2 energy saving features called “Energy Saver” and “Sleep”. The Energy Saver feature will shut off the blower 20 seconds after set temperature is reached (select FAN mode to see the inside temperature on the LED display) and will run for 20 seconds every 10 minutes. In Sleep mode, the temperature will increase 2F after 30 minutes and then at the 1 hour mark will be another 2F and will run that way until sleep mode ends. Most efficient unit I’ve ever had.

jeep somewhere in MI says:

Are they better than a Kenmore ac

barbara jones says:

how do you set the timer to go on and off?

Lin Ward says:

Thanks for the review but it was difficult to know how noisy it is when the curtain is flapping and making a lot of noise.

Macestrom says:

Got one of these units, manufacture date 2/11, 5 years later (2016) the compressor is not kicking in. Keep that in mind when considering this unit

mega320 says:

Hi I just bought one 1800 btu but it doesn’t start. The manual says wait an 1hr before operating. I changed it at the store but its the same can u help

SickKnowledge82 says:

Just bought mine today, awesome 5000 btu is a little too small, this cools quickly and nicely for the amp draw.

Vickiiee Cruuzz says:

What does it v has to be on close/fresh air /vent?

Krozar TAL says:

Bought one from my former boss for $100 and was rarely used. It is amazing. It cools my room perfectly and it is 104F outside right now. Very efficient because the compressor doesn’t run constantly and it only draws 7 amps. I rent a room in this house and the breaker trips easily and this has yet to trip it.

Flash says:

I mean know

Ty William says:

im going to go buy one. thanks for the great review!!

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