Follow Up: Avallon APAC140C Air Conditioner Review

This video is a follow up to the Previous Product review of the Avallon APAC140C – Check that video out on the link at the end!


Lost_In_NorCal says:

It works great but it’s just too loud. But it’s a workhorse.

Charlia E says:

Thank you Kyle. Details on install of that water pump tube? I can’t find where you showed how-to on your initial review. Users say the manual is useless on the matter. I just reviewed Avallon’s official video on InvisiMist and it lacks detail as well. Its the one thing I want to know how to do. Can’t lift 8lbs let alone 62 to drain this init. My hoses will simple hang out the window. Opening less than 11″ wide.

petermazbabie says:

There are no air conditioners that I’m aware of that allow constant cooling. Some old window units had that feature years ago but again no current models. I just bought this unit and I have no complaints actually quieter than some others that I tested.

Charlia E says:

Is it a standard 3prong outlet? On Amazon a reviewer says that little mist tube is a pain (or impossible w no hole to insert it anywhere) to install. Please discuss.

EmailMeLater2 says:

I just ordered this unit after researching for days. your review help me make my finale decision. home depot $550 + $50 tax. takes 7+ days to receive and that sucks.

Mario Collins says:

How do you use the heater

Linus Cheng says:

+Kyle thanks for posting your thoughts on this. I just bought one of these used and I can’t get the remote to turn my unit on. The remote works and can cycle through all the different options, but it doesn’t actually kick the unit on and even if I turn the unit on with the manual power button on the face of the unit and try to use the remote to change settings… nothing happens. Any tips for this?

Also I might have a solution for your compressor “on” issue. There’s a little widget called the Cool Bot that “tricks” the window AC unit into thinking it’s warmer in the room than it actually is and keeps the compressor on to cool down more than the 61 degree setting! Thanks

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