DIY Air Conditioner: Extended Review!!

As many of you have asked for we have finally filmed an extended review of the DIY Air Conditioner!! Watch the video to find out how the home made A/C worked for us and to see if it’s something you should try!! ~~~CLICK SHOW MORE~~~
For as little as $1 you can make a huge difference to us.

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Heat Shrink tubing ~
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Fresh Water Fill Door ~
Nature’s head Composting Toilet~
Water Heater Door ~
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Waterless P-trap ~
Grey Tank Grommet ~
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Water Filtration System ~
Shower Drain ~
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David Mabry says:

If you leave your drain plug pulled out the ice will last longer

TreeZa Reese says:

Aw man, I had such high hopes for y’all but, knew from the beginning that it probably wouldn’t work because I’ve watched a lot of videos & NADA. Shoot! I can’t imagine the heat (I’ve never enjoyed the heat!) Well, yes I can because I’ve lived where it’s hot most of my life & I’ve tried or we’ve tried it all (‘cept maybe solar). Oh yeah – what I DON’T want to say is I’ve never heard a ‘good story’ (wahhh!). Wish I had some good advice but, I got nuttin’!! I’ve seen y’all a few times, now I’m subscribing. Good Luck kids. I’m rootin’ for ya!!

Love & Hugs, Mama T.

Karen Olson says:

Go on utube and look up a diy home made air cinditioner.
I saw where you cut a hole in the top of the cooler and place a small fan in the hole…no leeks. I’m going to try it…don’t know how well it works yet.

Martha L says:

I bought a kit that fitted onto a cooler. It didn’t work.

Cav1stlt says:

Kinda silly question… have you insulated your van, especially space between the sheet metal roof and your paneling with expanding foams?

Karen Mullen says:

If nothing else, you can lave yourself with cool water cloth from time to time. Not to mention you have all the top layers of ice for your lemonade or your ice water and other beverages. Just looking on the bright side…

Karen Mullen says:

Have you checked out, Frankencooler vids on YouTube or website. This guy boasts a 30 to 40゚ temperature change with his “better mouse trap” so to speak. With some minor tweaks, yours could work like you need it to. Dude’s from Arizona, doesn’t talk over your head, it’s so efficient he even uses his outside for tailgate partying and people are amazed. Check out several or all his vidz. One is Patent Pending it’s so good!

David Crow says:

Why not just install a enclosed awning on the van it would add a extra room on the van and you could sit outside on hotter days

Jaahda Jinnah Goes Walkabout says:

Sad!! I HATE summer so am planning minimal travelling in the heat of summer. When I was younger and less fussed we’d all just sleep outside – on tarps n matresses – in a spot that would be shady in the early morning. And employ some snake minimisation strategies (now there’s a VLOG topic)! I camped outside in the desert a lot – but these are other stories to tell.
Also – I’d sometimes string up a tarp with some bulldog clips and secure the tarp around a tree to provide a big shady area and sleep with all the doors n windows open. Not suitable for suburban areas.

Idmon Tawoj says:

love this channel



Lady-T Survival says:

sorry it didnt work for you 🙁

Dave Parsons says:

“No mold at all.” Well, turns out there was. 🙁 Thanks for doing the experiments and reporting the results.

S&A’s Orgonite Creations says:

Please do it with the metal piping instead of the ducted hose! If you can of course :- ) Everyone would love to see the results, i think it would be much better and definitely no leakage.

slim pickins says:

OK, so it sucked! At least you came up with a awesome idea and tried it! I agree with the you, i think the major downside is the size, and oh yea having a wet mattress no bueno! I think the best solution, is head north when its that hot! And also agree that closing up the windows and shutting the roof vent has to be brutal! More plastic and styrofoam in the landfill, the biggest downside!

Jonasan-san says:

I would just get a big ass reflective space blanket to drape over while you’re parked

David Crow says:

It what be a good convsatiinal piece when you are sitting on the side of the river fishing and the mistake air conditioning cooler is filled with beer

Eric Potter says:

The only way your going to cool that down is to (cheap) get a 100 dollar ac unit that sucks down a small amount of amperage /watts say 400 running watts at 12 volts 33 amps almost impossible with a cheap solar setup. But you could do it with cheap honda 1000/2000 watt generator. OR… You could step up to the expensive world of lithium batteries that can be discharged and recharged fairly quickly. But, one would need at least 300 ~ 600 amp hour = $$$$ OR you could get a really big generator / alternator under the hood… 250 amp hour one with remote start to run automatically start the van and recharge the lithium ion batteries + Solar to help run the AC. Maintaining honda generator and storing gas, and figuring out where you gonna store the thing is a pain. I think just traveling around with the weather might be a better idea. Sigh… Or just buy a friggen prius! LOL!

SherElLucasEmmanuel Carsola says:

i saw from an interview made by bob a man wth 1,000w solar uses a window frigidaire 450watts everyday with out problems. you can raise ypur solar panels to 1,000 and actually use a real a/c.

Keran Breeden says:

A fan in front of exhaust hole?

SimiNelsonFamily says:

If you’re living the Van Life, can’t you just drive to a cooler place when the weather heats up?

Joe Joe says:

What about at night time?

WTHell??? says:

You guys just gave me an awesome idea for cooling off my chinchillas if I don’t need to invest in a portable ac for my bedroom !!! Thanks!!

Ts'eh Cacek says:

No yeah you totally don’t have any mold! Future sight is a blessing, right?

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