Difference Between Inverter And Non Inverter Air Conditioner AC

Difference Between Inverter And Non Inverter Air Conditioner AC
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LG Inverter V Air Conditioner Review


BaapJi Mere says:

Inverter ac run all the time albeit at low power consumption, non inverter will just halt a thermostat level. It will start again when temp rises to a certain extent, depending upon how thermocut has been set and its quality, there may be more pronounced rise and fall giving more temprature variation. other than temp variation, there is no real benefit of inverter, infact the power consumed is almost the same. a 5 star non inv model saves more than a 3 star inverter, infact inverters waste quite some energy in control chip and ac>dc conversion. I use inverters for bedrooms where good sleep is required due to stable temprature. i use non inv for office where i often manually control my ac. inverter goes bust more often than non inverter which is more robust. inverter ac if left running all day also has less life

suya kumar says:

backwass explanation

Ene Florentin says:

learn how to speak properly!
I don’t know who hired you? ??

nomebear says:

Hitachi brand is what we use to cool our smaller data centers and seems to be most reliable. In the larger server farms Carrier seems to be the brand of choice but I do not have personal knowledge of the brand’s reliability in those installations.

B3st Giri says:

i have a question. so say if i wanted to install an a/c at my living hall, means i wont be using it often but only when its humid, which ac shud i get? inverter or non inverter? i have bought an inverter ac for my room as ill be using ac during sleep. kindly advice..thanks 🙂

Prasad Rao says:

Compressor for inverter AC’s doesn’t stop completely once desired temperature is achieved but runs slightly compared to non inverter ac’s. So if room temperature becomes higher than the previously set temperature, then compressor for inverter ac’s start from the last set temperature setting and not from zero as in non inverters which completely shuts itself thus drawing more power to achieve desire temperature.

Kilo Gone says:

Not gonna works if you’re always using the lowest cooling temperature.The compressor are never gonna get the cut off moment at all.It works if you set the temperature at 24 degree celcius or slightly higher than that.You’re also need to buy a slightly bigger air con BTU capacity for more cooling efficiency

Zulfiqar Kango says:

improve English . May be you know the difference, but cannot explain due to poor English.

Dencho Cooling Services says:

Great explanation guys, Thank you!

Romeo Lacson says:

speak english

Sultan Singh says:

Lg Air conditioners are not that good . Go for Mitsubishi ,Ogeneral , Hitachi ….

Ishan Aggarwal says:

biggest drawback is it’s not available in window ac’s , I had to buy a normal one:(

TheBetito123 says:

Di di di didididi

Ali Athar says:

To all those who are against Inverter Air-Conditioners,
Do You still use 60watt or 100watt conventional bulb for lighting up your house or have you upgraded to Energy Savers and now LED bulbs ?
Ultimately EVERY air-conditioner will be Inverter-based OR with even better technology, what will you do then ?
By the way, energy-saving is at least 30% and at most 60 – 70%, please do a research.

Raj Sharma says:

Could you please explain the difference between Inverter V and Dual Inverter AC? Dual inverter seems to be the new marketing thing launched by LG. Thanks in advance!!

Ervin Romel says:

Put your hand on moron.

Terumo says:

which is better to put it n cool mode or auto?

hypertuch says:

great Engrrrishhh

Atharva Banarase says:

Useful. Thanks

Asad Ejaz says:

OK u saying it eats less power alright.
the inverted AC working full days means its compressor also in working for whole day means continuously eating power similarly non-inverted AC working whole day but it compressor gets triped when the required temperature is achieve mean when it gets trips no more power is using.
so can’t we say that power eating ratio is equal for both.?

Selvam R says:

As per the review

Assumption Daily Night run 12 hours :

Initial Power consumed by the inverter :1500W
Attains the cooling of Set temp 18 : 1 hour

AC to run at constant speed with all doors closed and with 5 to 10 times door opening : 950W
Running duration : 11 hours

approx for a day 11950w==12unit

Initial Power consumed by the 5 star ac:1500W
Attains the cooling of Set temp 18 : 2 hour

AC to run at constant speed with all doors closed and with 5 to 10 times door opening with 3 cutoff of 10 mins : 1500/2=750w
Running duration : 10 hours

approx for a day 9000w==9unit

So ideally a 5 star is better for home. I might have some miscalculations or i might be totally wrong.. pl correct me if i am wrong.

mc alleyboy says:

Okay so you save money up front but lose in the long run with the cost of parts…Ugh sort of like the new cars they get great gas mileage but are so small that the parts are like toys and heavy maintenance, no thanks I’m not interested and will keep my Carrier 1 HP, quiet runner, it quit on me but it turned out to be the “Capacitor” and that cost me about $10 or 650 pesos Philippine money. Seems like not only fans but most electrical units suffer from either worn fan bearings or the Capacitor fails, same with rechargeables the battery or the capacitor.

Ayad Elakad says:

if you guys wants to annoy somebody…send this to him

LearningZone says:

Your simulator is failing in all aspects. What you are showing here is all according to your presets. This not a real model at all. What is the benefit to show such readings if they are not real? It needs to collect real readings with real air conditioners instead of preset simulated model. So no benefit of your video. I will upload soon videos on such scam inverter AC technology and will reveal their scam to the world.

Arshad Khan says:

he is very poor at explaining

Anupam Immortal says:

lg used to highlight their features by their own technic. fact is Samsung uses this so called inverter v since 2009, Panasonic and Hitachi also use it. non inverter model which shows single rottery comes in 1ton AC, most good brands uses twin rottery in their 1.5 ton machines. lg also uses single rottery in their 1 ton.

khurram ali says:

cooling are same of every air conditioner… inverter and non inverter electricity bill are 100 percent equal….its money earning science…

nomebear says:

I changed a 15 year old non-inverter air conditioner to an inverter a/c. The old unit was most reliable but it was time to upgrade to an energy efficient system. The new inverter system cut my power bill in half.

With the new inverter system we developed mold in the air ducts which had to be steam cleaned every season. Something electronic would fail every year requiring replacement under warranty (I still had to pay for the service call and labor.); the compressor had to be replaced at 3 years, and after five years the entire system had to be replaced.

My efforts to be “green” ended up costing me.

Yousuf Akter says:

Not very convincing.

Stylazation says:

such a poor demonstration

manoj raut says:


Kenneth john says:

i have voltas inverter ac but due to less volatge in my area there is no cooling somethimes . i thought these ac consume less power..

Archie Satera says:

I have one Question it is possible the inverter Airconditioning convert to non-inverter?

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