Delonghi portable air conditioner penguin pac cn120E Review

This Unit Cost $298 @ sam club @ time of purchase.


Aisha Wood says:

Did you figure out what the wifi looking button was for?

Tyler Papania says:

Do you have a tight seal on the pice that goes across your window? Just closing my window on what they give you leaves a considerable gap

James D says:

I too would like to see a demonstration on cleaning the filter. They suggest that it should be cleaned once a week and at the end of the season.

A Google User says:

Why in the fuck would you make a video about a product that you don’t fucking know how it works? Giant fucking waste of time.

Behrad Merati says:

is the way of blowing the air adjustable? I see it blows upside… is it possible to adjust it down right or left to blow directly to the intended zone?

That One Ford Guy says:

I have 2 of these units, one of them being over 3 years old now. They work great, cools quickly and to a great temp, I love them. Delonghi makes the best portable units! By the way, these units ARE self evaporating. They do however have an over flow drain port as you see in the rear bottom on the unit.

julce414 says:

How much is the electricity bill?

Jen Marie says:

Is it actually cooling the room?

Alnita Jones says:

what is the wall flange with cap do i need to add this piece for my ac to work for window useage

KickRocks131 says:

I have this same Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner and just noticed it shut off, then on, then off again, repeatedly… can anyone tell what this means???

Rodolfo Pinales says:

se le pone agua al aparato

Mike Horbul says:

I purchased two of these units in 2015 from Sams club.. They cool very well down to the low 60’s. Water is slung out the rear air vent so there is no need to drain the unit. During this time I have had both units fail due to the squirrel cage blower assembly now marked as part NE1639 falling apart. Without the exhaust blower running the compressor will shut down and no longer cool the room. My first unit failed in the warranty period and I had to ship the unit at my cost out of state for Delonghi warranty repair. The second unit has just now failed. This appears to be a common failure for this type of unit because I have a third unit with the same failure of a different brand but, the blower wheel looks Identical. I believe this is a manufacturer design issue where not enough quality place is used for the piece or it becomes brittle with age. I believe Delonghi contracts out the manufacture of these items for their line. The extended warranty might be a good investment for this item.

Darren Lamb says:

I have this unit and it does not shut off, even when the room temp reaches the target temp. Is it supposed to shut off, or does the fan continue to run? The manual does not say anything about it.

lol lol says:

does this work well?

Arbie Asug says:

Does it comes with the auto-start function?

Greg Nixon says:

Anyone know how to fix an EI probe failure on one of these things? It says to take it to be serviced, but I’ve got an uneasy feeling that doing that would cost about the price of the machine.

Nicolas Lopez says:

i have the same one. can you upload another video or comment back detailing how to clean filter and empty water if you find out? folks got me this one a while back and can’t find the users manual

Daniel Monette says:

i just got one, looking to see if i need a hose to drain it or not.

Azrael Redeemed says:

did you ever figure out what the wifi symbol led light is all about? we had ours just this year but second hand, and the unit was ok but now its just producing alot of water and hardly cools like its stuck on dehumidifer mode

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