Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2017

In today’s video, we are going to check out the best portable air conditioners based on their price, durability, features and many more things. I tried to keep this list in the middle price range so everyone can afford them.

The Portable Air Conditioners listed in this video:

5. Friedrich PH14B –
4. Honeywell MN10CESWW –
3. Haier HPN12XCM –
2. NewAir AC-14100E –
1. DeLonghi PAC AN120EW –

All the portable air conditioners I listed in this video are very good and durable based on my reviews, and the quietest air conditioner is the DeLonghi PAC AN120W – the number one ranked air conditioner.

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Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2017:


10BestOnes says:

The Portable Air Conditioners listed in this video:

5. Friedrich PH14B –
4. Honeywell MN10CESWW –
3. Haier HPN12XCM –
2. NewAir AC-14100E –
1. DeLonghi PAC AN120EW –

Aleksandar Petkovski says:


vex says:

Thank you

seven dimensions says:

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Joey Elias says:

best review of ACs on youtube

10BestOnes says:

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lost me says:

any of those air conditioner can just plug in and use? with out hooking up the platic vent to window?

Manoharan Govindaswamy says:

not much satisfied

Jormungand13324 says:

600 is MIDDLE price range? i’d hate to see the high end.

LC Berry says:

What about the prices

JennaLee Gallicchio says:

I should win because I signed up ;-). It would also be very helpful and keep my doggies cool in the hot summer heat.

lynn says:

I see you showing this in rooms with no window near, what is the point, it does absolutely have to vent to outdoors. Also, what if you have roll out windows or casement windows?

Snowing Li says:

Would like to do a video for this Mini portable air conditioner, can you help ?

CatLady says:

I should win because I can’t afford to move and can’t afford to not be able to sleep in my bedroom where the windows in my condo are not able to be opened​ more than a few inches wide and I’m in eastern Ontario right beside Lake Ontario where the smog and humidity reins supreme!
I’m already dying and it’s not even Canada Day! >.< PS. my Persian cat agrees that we should win 🙂

El HOMBRE says:

A  Like ,just because he use his Own Voice.   🙂

이명후 says:

makr her cold and hottest pillow anf bed

Comrade says:

For that giveaway, I think I should win because I live in south California in an area that gets very hot. And summer is coming.

contemporary cween says:

Im confused isnt the purpose of a portable air conditioner to not have to use a window

Lyn2686 says:

Thank you for posting this! Our son is in Boston and needs a portable unit. This is a huge help!

Freddy D says:

Thank. you for the Video. How does the evaporator condensate drain. Does it pump out the window or is there a pan you have to empty? Thanks

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