Best Air Conditioners in 2018 – Air Conditioner Buying Guide

► Links to the Air Conditioners listed in this video:

► 5. MrCool DIY 24K BTU –
► 4. Kaussmann 18000 BTU –
► 3. Senville SENL-12CD –
► 2. Klimaire KSIA012-H116-S –
► 1. Pioneer 30000 BTU 230V –

In this video, we listed the top 5 best air conditioners on the market in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more.

Since summer is approaching, I decided to make this video for you guys to choose the best air conditioner out there without paying a large amount of money. The options are limitless, and each product has its pros and cons. That’s why I’ve done my research and came up with this list.

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mahesh kumar says:

Most relevant video currently, as usual top notch quality. Thank you for making this.

Dede Vaughn says:

All you have to do it download the app? He doesn’t mention you have to cut a hole in the dammed wall!!!!!

michel mic says:

very useful listed thank you

TrusTIo TrusTiov says:

Thanks for the grate review! I also agree that Pioneer 30000 deserves the first place!

sanja medic says:

It’s a summer and I need the new Air Conditioners, so this video will make it easier for me to shop

Najib Casa says:

Very good air conditioners, Mrcool is awesome, thanks for the video! thanks for sharing

lamfilipos says:

Hi Thank you for the video has good information and clear explanations about Air Conditioner!!

10BestOnes says:

► Links to the Air Conditioners listed in this video:

► 5. MrCool DIY 24K BTU –
► 4. Kaussmann 18000 BTU –
► 3. Senville SENL-12CD –
► 2. Klimaire KSIA012-H116-S –
► 1. Pioneer 30000 BTU 230V –

Dede Vaughn says:

I guess I was expecting window units. I have central heat and air, but the federal government screwed up my duct work and now I’m screwed and my AC cant keep my house cooler than 80° and runs 24/7!! After they did a weatherization program on my house to save energy! They even sprayed 13 inches of insulation in my attic and put stuff on every window and door. Wrapped the hot water heater and changed every light bulb,and replaced my 20 year old central heat and air unit!!! yet my electric bill went up! That is because the idiot they contracted only hooked yo half of the vents when he ran the duct work! I didn’t know for 7 month until summer! Then they said they couldn’t find out who they hired!!

Dzeljana Pusiga says:

Right now my wallet cannot allow me spending money on any of those but i am sure with time i will have to choose a one. So this review comes in handy when it comes to shopping time. Great review by the way.

Mohssin Ajaiz says:

Great video with excellent review about air conditioners. Very informative and very helpful. Thanks

Milos Arsic says:

Very good review, thanks for sharing!

Ryl Win says:

Very well listed. I owe a Pioneer air conditioner and i am very satisfied.

Novica Djindjic says:

Pioneer air conditioner is amazing, have 1

José Crisalide says:

Great video,thanks for sharing!!

Maxim Petrov says:

a very precise and well-ordered list, the air conditioners have arranged them quite well in terms of price and quality

Kalle Sauerland says:

Can you get all these units in Spain?

Tony Law says:

MrCool and Pioneer just seems manufacturing by the Chinese Midea, Midea A/C quality is very bad

pavel mihai says:

Great video..i like it a lot..verry interesting and verry useful

martinrego says:

Fantastic reviews, Pioneer’s one looks fine for me.

mani N says:

Thanks for the guide, been looking to switch from a portable AC unit, this’ll help me make a good purchase.

Robert Anderson says:

We have in out home Klimaire KSIA012-H116-S. Looks good, sounds good and works good. What else can you expect for 700$?

Marko Djordjevic says:

Nice list of 5 air conditioners! Summer is coming, air condition is must have!

kolio mitev says:

Very good air conditioners, Mrcool is awesome, thanks for the video!

machfive916 says:

Good video. I am no HVAC expert, but I was a little surprised that there was no mention of Samsung, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Fujitsu or Heil; as I thought these were all pretty reputable units.

Musafir Awara says:

I’ve good experience with Kaussmann 18000 BTU. Well, you create a good list though. Very detailed review. You described most important features of every recommended air conditioner.

SerbSimulator says:

Summer is coming and every house should have one of these, very neat list indeed.

Kanna Mighty says:

nice very good explanation
best offer only 1.5 voltas 5 star ac just 28999 buy now

Alphonse Pathianathan says:

How to get a gud air conditioner regarding wat aspects

Kaln Mrak says:

Very good video, I’m very surprised by these air conditioners, they are really top quality.

Bibou SiSi says:

I like your reviews about new products. thank you !

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