Arctic Air Review: Personal Space Cooler *As Seen on TV*

Arctic Air is an As Seen on TV evaporative cooler. Today I put it to the test against the Vegas heat and a cheap $9 fan from Walmart.

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Tony Feltman says:

Flip that hair man. flip it!

Daniel Peters says:

Ive got a watercooler 10x the size of this. Still cant compare to AC. Just a fancy fan.

Drobie says:

Not really a fair test of the cooling if you put the thermometer right in front of it. Would have been nice to see you distance it and see what the temperature read at different lengths. At least you say while in the car that you need to have it pretty close to feel cool.

Kommando Kodiak says:

XD the emo hair

Dennis Adkins says:

They’re a waste of money just buy you a big fan.. I would spend a $40 on a big fan

Jay Tee says:

That looks like my dog ALSO named Bailey

philip irwin says:

Would it be good for a truck driver

Ramona DeLaney says:

Just curious… can you link more than one solar panels together and see if it powers the arctic air increase the air flow? This may be good for working surveillance when you’re stuck in a stealth vehicle though probably wouldn’t work in desert temperatures. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about purchasing the Arctic Air. Thanks for review as I haven’t seen this one on TV.

Daun Demarco says:

I had to stop the video, BECAUSE YOU KEPT SAYING, “YESTERDAY It WASNT WORKING”, we Get it dude,,
Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday,
Everyone with an Iphone now feels they have something to feel special about by putting a video on youtube. My niece, 5, has her own channel. If you want to contribute to society with your reviews, write a script and stick to it. YESTERDAY, yesterday, yesterday, youre a grown man, stop stating the obvious, you told us the first one was malfunctioning, end of story, why keep going back to how the first one wasnt working Yesterday ???
Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday ,

LethalMercury says:

I have the mychill version from Homedics. Works very well. Has a removable reservoir that holds a bit more than 20 ounces, has 2 speeds, and does not have the sun in your face nightlight. I love it, but it was about $100.00 on Amazon.

Bubba Turbocharged (TheCheekyKnob) says:

I tried using this but it broke on the first day, didn’t want to turn on or nothing and it was working fine earlier that day, it does what it’s advertised but I think there might be a couple things that needed to be worked on

JGW 54 says:

Mini swamp cooler!

Jenn Roy says:

Love your reviews!!! Use them often!! Thank you!!!

Erick Guadarrama says:

Review the “plumbers hero” please

Novaximus says:

So like most as seen on TV products…it kinda works. Just legit enough to sell.

Triggered says:

This is such a white people product.

Martin Fuentes says:

Maybe putting water with some I’ve would make a big difference than room temp water

Thomas Maddaloni says:

Wonder if you filled the water tank half way up with ice cubes, then the rest of the way with water? Would it cool more efficiently than just water.

Kevin Miracle says:

did you really keep the defective one and not get a refund?

Cassie C says:

The wig may have looked and felt silly, but it really did help demonstrate the strength of the breeze. Thanks for suffering for our sakes!

Also, I’m very glad you’ve tested some of these devices in a more humid climate. I live in Kentucky and we have crazy humidity, plus ambient temps in the high 80’s to low 100’s during the summer. I have a/c, but I’d rather not use it when I don’t need to. It’s good to know this thing won’t really work well around here.

Candice Smith says:

That’s the temperature in front of it. That’s not the temperature in the car. Do you know what you’re doing?

MAGA MAN says:

Well, most people don’t sit with their faces that close to something on their desk, so the readings from the thermometer are completely misleading/useless. A real test would be to see how much it cools down thermometer two or three feet away from it.

Just Me says:

Can you Please review this Embr Wave thanks! 🙂

Kieorasama says:

I subscribed because you have a golden retriever.

NoJusticeNoPeace says:

– A bucket, a towel, and a fan would give you exactly the same effect for much cheaper, and you won’t need to pay for filters.
– In an enclosed space, this will gradually make the air more and more humid, making it less and less effective.
– Like a humidifier, you’ve created a perfect growth medium and distributor for mold and bacteria to aerosolize all over your house.

silpeamak says:

This looks like a cheap knockoff of the Evapolar air conditioner. If only knockoffs didn’t get so much publicity online…

Devendra Sharma says:

My guess high would be half so 4 hours so instead of returning the first one for an exchange you kept it.

Jonezy1983 says:

Anything using water doesnt work. When you have 100% humidity and 100 degree weather anything using water will just make you sweat like a mother

Jo LAKE says:

Thanks for reviewing Artic Air. Due to disability & medication I can’t tolerate the heat. My Polar Express Vest, my vets holds frozen ice packets. Please don’t punish us with the defective unit, just cuz you were. Wish Baily didn’t need the Artic Air. I am subscribed to only 1 other channel. I’d be subscribed if there was a chance to win an Artic Air. Sucks to have a college degree, disabled before unable to even pay off college loans. I wish EBT aka food stamps would buy it.

Jenn Roy says:


Jo LAKE says:

If you ever need someone to ha g w/Bailey, I’m available! I can’t promise that Bailey wouldn’t come back even more spoiled, but definitely well loved & happy.

Jay Tee says:

How would this work in humid environment INDOORS only?

Spider Mcgavenport says:

Swamp coolers have a high risk of Listeria. Best clean that with alcohol. Or suitable substitute.

Jenn Roy says:

So your saying you don’t think it would work well in humid heat! I live in Maine and the summers can sometimes get pretty humid!

scannaunderscore1 says:

Hows it supposed to work outside assfag?

cos me says:

The original one i think is evopolar
(Idk really kniw if what is the name)

Heather Heaton says:

I apologize if I missed it in the video but what square footage do they claim this can cool? I’ve gotta little 200 Sq ft shed up in reno I converted into a woodshop that’s awful to work in in the summer. Been looking for a cheap little cooling option.

Jimmy Turner says:

So did you already have the wig or went out to buy?

Matt Hanlon says:

Is he the real Billy Mitchell??

Zoey Coen says:

I got three ice bags from Publishers Clearinghouse for about 15 bucks. This summer I’m going to put one under my shirt (cheaper than a cooling vest) to keep cool. I live in Wasilla,Alaska and I can’t handle it above 71 degrees.

birdnest says:

Why don’t you take the train?

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