Arctic Air Review: As Seen on TV Portable AC

It really does work! BUT not as good as claimed. Watch the video review for full details and visit for a complete report of the product and real customer reviews.

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Robert L. Fallin says:

only the young and victims of a US education !!

Dennis Adkins says:

How can you give it a correct review on a cold day of course it’s going to blow cold

srpa17 says:

Is electricity? Recharge batteries?

GamingWithGeorge says:

my room get warm because of my tv so if i buy this would it cool off my room i like this already and noisy its not good i like to buy online or at store would they have it at walmart email me back sincelery nicole

Dennis Adkins says:

Its not and “air conditioner” its a evaporator water cooler. And they say white girls are supposed to be smart

T G says:

it’s light weight… that’s the only good thing about it. worthless piece of crap. it does not run after water is gone, it turns off. i found out 3hrs after filling it…waking up with sweaty, drenched sheets.

MUHAMMAD javed says:


Lilly Love says:

I wonder if i can use it in my shitty car

Robert G says:

The thing works but not to the extent advertising claims make. It does NOT last 8 hows on low. I bought two of them and tested them bith runing at the same time On high they lasted just over two hours while one still had a third of its water left the othe empty. They do work but now very well in high humidity…

Remote Prophecy Productions says:

Cool video.

Maggie Braxton says:

I love it and I would give it five stars

Damian Sullivan says:

You got cute eyes

Lacy Baby says:

I’m confused will this cool a bedroom upstairs where the heat is mostly at??? Is it Similar to a window AC.

Ultra Deivan says:

Superb, thanks for your Valuable video my friend. May god bless you. Shankar, from tamizh nadu , india .

Jack Gordon says:

It is definitely not an A/C.
Does not cool by even one degree.
For 40 bucks, better off buying
two fans.
Not sure what the LED lights
are for as they do nothing.
I guess if you are a small
child, you might like the
pretty lights.
Four stars for this loud fan
is way too generous.

Centrepiece furnishing says:

Do NOT buy. I bought this product and used it in Singapore. It felt like a rip off as it cost me USD $80 dollars from buyshopdeals (Expensive online store). Total waste of money as it doesn’t work as a cooler and it is noisy!!! The water leaks even if i don’t move it. Nevertheless, it does provide some moisture into the air in air-condition space. My recommendation is NOT to buy it.

Jeremy Solis says:

Just bought one, easily the biggest waste of money spent my entire life. This product is absolutely horrible And doesn’t give off barely any cold air at all. Not exaggerating a Box fan will cool you off way more than this products. Don’t buy it!

Wiliam Fenwick says:

How long before it arrived

Aj Aj says:

Nice room..and you’re pretty

Raybo sflorida says:

NEVER DID TEMPERTURE DIFFERENTIAL CHECKS!!! WTF!! how do these people get so many subcrib,,dammm i should do videos where you dont have to listen to 10min of bs before even pluggin it in

Anne Slabinski says:

I am tempted to try one of these because I hate the heat and do not have a real ac in my house. (Someday when I win the lottery). I sleep with a fan on so I don’t think that I would mind the noise. I also like the idea of using tiny ice cubes. Thanks for the review.

Snowing Li says:

can we invite your receive for our product?

Jose Lozada says:

Lol can’t fan your face and say it’s so cold

MrTeamTactical says:

really tempted to get one of these, im hoping it would be good for a small studio flat

Zxer34 says:

Bought a couple of these and they work fairly well. I live in New Mexico so these little evaporative coolers work well in my climate.

21 26 PRODUCTIONS says:

this is a very poor product. it doesn’t perform very well. Avoid!!!

Darrell Grisham says:

Saying Oh, Oh is not a review. How about how does it cool a room. From say 95 degrees to say 75 degrees. The room feels nice is not a review. Science is not your strong suit is it?

Dan Wasielewski says:

It doesn’t claim to be an air conditioner or to have the ability to replace one. It does as it says it will, makes it cooler in the area closest to the unit & for that it works great! I love mine! Not that loud either, more calming, not annoying!

florida boy says:

Im gonna try it in a attic while im repairng airconditioners

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