Amcor AC12 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner – Review

I review the Amcor AC12 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
Does it work? and are they worth it?

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25warhawk says:

good review! i have the same model but with the heat pump as well for winter,really do love it had it for 2 years now and no issues 🙂

aalberici998 says:

HiHow would you clean out the side filters on this model?

Scott Mulligan says:

Hi Gareth, do you know the diameter of the pipe in mm?


Robert Calk Jr. says:

Thanks Gareth. I live in Texas and got myself a Keystone portable similar to yours. It works great and cools my workroom very well. This is its third summer and I need to take it apart to give it a good cleaning. Mine would cool the room 30 to 40 degrees cooler than the outside temperature with a single hose. You need to send that one back and get a better unit.
I also hot-glued some SS screen on the outside exhaust piece to keep insects from trying to get inside the hose when the exhaust isn’t blowing.

Richard James says:

Gareth – great review, thank-you. I note, from the comments, that you no longer own this model. Grateful if you could confirm if this was due to poor performance and if you have purchased a better model since.

BlatentlyFakeName says:

I’ve got the exact same model and yea they are quite noisy, but all the portable ones are. I only run it in the bedroom for a couple of hours before bed on hot days, it does cool the room down pretty quickly. If you want a quiet one you need a split system, but it will cost about £1200 per room and you need space outside for the inverter (which is also quite noisy so you can’t have it near a window).

You also have to consider that running an aircon unit costs per hour what a fridge costs for a whole day. So you don’t want to be running one all day unless you really have to.

rov d says:

I’m in uk and got the similar. I’ll give you some tips. Email me:

Sailboat Amelia says:

Informative useful review Gareth. Living on my small boat which luckily has a small drain hole into the bilge under the floor, so draining the water should be automatic. Thanks.

lol lol says:

but what was the temp in the flat without the ac?

Alex says:

any recommendation for a quieter model in uk?

Adam D says:

Brilliant review Gareth, this is the kind of review people need to watch
I’ve been pondering getting one since the 32C heat on Tuesday, so now I know what to look for.

Joe Nowicki says:

Nice review! What does the compressor sound like when it turns on? Is there a buzzing/whirring sound? Thanks.

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