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When the mercury rises, Consumer Reports’ Air Conditioner Buying Guide can help you keep your cool. We’ll walk you through everything from window and ductless units to whole house systems so you can choose the best type for your cooling needs. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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Danny Di says:

What is the best unit to buy for a bed room easy to install…

Z Holliday says:

Hmmm Decisions Decisions

anguy says:

good to know

mister x says:

Let’s get some metric in the next time hey.

bob dobbs says:

Avoid “sears home improvement” when looking for someone to install hvac unit. they hooked the whole unit onto a “single 30” breaker and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working right, it ran constantly, froze up if we set it below 79. they even came 2 more times and said “it was working fine and that it is a new energy efficient unit so it only goes about 10 under out side temp” (it was 90-100 those weeks), then billed me each time with no work done. Finally I called a real electrician, they fixed it put the system on “2 DOUBLE 30” fuses, they fixed the Freon (or what ever they use now) then it stopped freezing and it worked.

emjayay says:

Window AC: the video does not show someone vacuuming the “coils and fins.” They are vacuuming the grille where the cold air comes out, which does not get clogged. The fins are behind the lower intake grille behind the filter (cold side) and outside at the back (hot side).

jcoub says:

i dont understand why a window unit is far better than a portable unit.

The portable unit still carries the air outside. How come there’s such a big difference?

sunscorpio81 says:

Great video!

Stainless says:

what if your window doesnt slide upwards? and you dont want to make holes

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