5 Best Smart Portable Air Conditioner You can Buy in 2018 – Best AC

5 Best Smart Portable Air Conditioner You can Buy in 2018 Best AC

5. Noria is now not available on amazon : ► Now it’s “Kapsul” www.kapsulair.com

4. Zero Breeze : ► http://amzn.to/2oF3084
3. NewAir AC-14100E :► http://amzn.to/2CV0JtU
2. Wynd :► http://amzn.to/2t8Saft
1. Honeywell Portable AC : ► http://amzn.to/2oCc3qC

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Jack Gordon says:

Pure bullshit.
Noria has been advertised
for 2 years…still not
available. Portable air
coolers are inefficient
and generally suck.
Better off buying a fan.
BTW, half of these are
not actually air conditioners,
but are air coolers (aka swamp

Daniel S says:

For me, an real AC needs to have a compressor… Unless I live in the Antarctic

Ram Lal says:

the price of portable ac and where we can get are not told so the news is of no use.

Sandeep Kumar says:


Jason Lane says:

Dude… your links are a mess

prettymochame just T says:

Get a mini split

Deborah Cazalas says:

Is the Wynd an AC?

Sanjay Agrawal says:

5 ac rate

MK Parker says:

The Noria is not portable, lightweight does not mean portable

Ningthou Ali says:


Naba Gaming says:


Jean Kilos says:

May b You’s people like 2 sweat and stink but I don’t. That’s not an air conditioner hummm theirs a reason Amazon don’t sell them anymore. Din bats

Edgar Lindo says:

Nice i want that …wait what happen if ur window is horizontal position not vertical or not up and down position how can u install the nornia aircon in ur window

sekut snek says:

Why AC comercial need to have people running on a beach & dancing on a boat. Just put the AC in a room with a group of penguin chill around.

Leigh Barry says:

Hey HUGE tip to stay cooler CLOSE THE DANG CURTAINS/BLINDS!!! Having the sun beating down into the house through the window will raise the temp in a room over 20 degrees so your AC will work way harder than necessary costing you wads of CASH in the long run!!! I get you’re demonstrating the AC but good LORD thats just CrAzY!!!

Gajini Habeeb says:

How much?

Oscar Robinson says:

The Honeywell unit being the number 1 BEST portable is not a good sign for the other 4. I have the Honeywell wheel around job and it makes so much noise you cannot hear yourself think! AND…it is good in a room the size of most bathrooms. Forget about using it in a upstairs room that gets really hot in summer!

Caesar says:

Will it work on windows 10?

Stacey Story says:


Abdul Hameed says:

How price,&Available.

Guddu Singh says:

Is s AC ki trh room thanda hota h kya

Akula Narayana says:

It is the future…

james berczynski says:

Noria shmoria . . it’s more of a myth than an actual product . . It was supposed to be available in Spring 2017 . . All web searches will lead you to another product . . Noria you’re the amazing Invisible air conditioner . .

Nighthawke70 says:

Two of the links are AC units, the Nora and the Honeywell, the rest are either swamp coolers or air cleaners.

Aabee Jan says:


Paul A says:

Don’t just show us pretty videos with happy people and cool lights. Give us stats, temperatures, humidity levels, power consumption, and how the bloody thing works.

Not all customers are dim-witted retards. Some of us actually want to know what they are buying and how it works.

Dilkhush Deva says:

Hey it’s OK and very useful for room

Amethyst H. says:

Good for my cats room but wont be good enough for my room. Lol

Mike's Videos says:

You should do a test on price vs amps used vs cooling ability.

Manuel Suquilanda says:

Just what i need i look in stores nothigh like

Guddu Singh says:

Y kya kaam krta h or agr window aisi na ho toh

kailash udasi says:

Portable aircondition all model is really nic & any side carry.thnx sir g

Hill Shepherd says:

This ” Should have ” a removable forward facing deflector so the cool air goes out much more forward than it is capable here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Divinez Healing says:

Hahaa yee it is stupid it does not fit to european windows!!

Scott McClure McClure says:

If you had done some actual research noria would would of never been on your list amazon is not research

Aabee Jan says:

I unsubscribed your channel due to its background music… other viewers are requesting to do the same… thanks.

Joshua Villa says:

Zero breeze is not in Amazon !! In fact it doesn’t exist

M e says:

lie…. the noria is not available now. supposedly in 2019. but don’t hold your breath

fit billionaire says:

number 4 wynf, where does the hot aire escape to?

Jerk Norris says:

What about flys still prefer my ac unit

Soul Equaliser says:

aircon on the beach?!! ffs!

Joi M Joaquin says:

I was hoping to get a Noria compact air conditioner … but you Noria people frigged up bad , if you can’t put them out for people to buy them team up with an air condition company that can push them out for you … don’t make a video of a small compact air conditioner and it hasn’t even gotten off the ground , you build people up for hope when it died… sort it out …

PizzasNeverDie says:

why u buy aircon just to go outside u fucken idiot 1:23

TOP 10 HUB says:

Dear viewers
Noria AC is out of Amazon, When we made this video, it was on Amazon. Here is given some exclusive portable Air Conditioner links instead of Noria.
Thank you.

Cynthia King says:

I think I might just want one of these Noria. Can’t find one to buy . Bring down the price and how many BTU’S

Nacho Mamma says:

Why the hell do you need an air conditioner OUTSIDE? WOW! Sone people really need an Oswald treatment!

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