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Cool air anywhere! KoolerAire. Best selling 12 volt “Air conditioner” in the world.

No video reviews on this thing, just speculation. So I’ll review it. It’s more like a S H I T Air conditioner.


Joey Fox says:

I made one of these air coolers the other day, but I put a fish tank pump in the bottom of cooler that pumps the cold ice water though a heater coil so that the fan that blows in one side of the cooler it can cool down the air before it hits the ice slowing the melting process and a vent on the other side with the cooler air coming out

Bill Westlund says:

Your van is not well insulated like a boat cabin or camp trailer. It’s like trying to run an A/C in a tent. It just does not work. Now you can get an 800 watt inverter and a portable A/C unit and it will cool the van. I was living in a cargo van in Phoenix in summer and had to use one. Make sure that you install an additional battery with an isolator switch that will charge when the van is running but will not draw off the main battery at all. You will happy and cool and will have no more problems.

just Jane says:

Someone took this idea >( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITtlxjvLQis ) and manufactured it. Good for them. It probably will cool a room. But a van, sitting in the sun?, what color is your van? It might cool it if it’s while????

Vantastic Odyssey says:


Megan Torres says:

maybe turn it upside down

Eldritch Penumbra says:

Nice review of the box cover in the very least!!!

William Lucas says:

Why would one even use it when sitting in a solar oven (the van) . A more valid test would be to test it on the road, in the shade, or with a sun block (tarp) providing shade. These are real conditions.

Given the test parameters of a 130 deg F interior and a non moving unshaded solar oven, the vans original AC might not function too well either (granted better than this gimmick). I have owned two RVs (one w/the original AC replaced w/a window mount and all three AC systems failed when it got too hot.

AC method vs solar oven.

Shon Holmes says:

van isn’t insulated like campers. can’t cool down a burning oven. surround cab walls with same material as your divider

Anti Petrolhead says:

I would have checked the consumer report before buying it. It’s not gonna work well you need a small air compressor that uses Freon

makeminefreedom says:

This reminds me of the ad in the back of the comic books that said X-ray glasses, “Appear to see through objects.” Then it shows a beautiful woman making you think you can see her naked. I am glad I didn’t have any money or I would have ordered one.

Jack Murphy says:

Are You from Cudahy ?

Zero Breeze says:

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get escape the heat? Well, now you can wherever you are! Zero-Breeze:The World’s First Portable,Smart,Multifunctional Air Conditioner is coming soon on Kickstarter.com! Would love to have your support. LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

David Roy says:

Probably be fine if you live in the desert southwest. Swamp cooler.

Peter L says:

Why didn’t you do this same test with the mightykool MK 4? Were you able to get the temp in the can down with that unit because the output temp was pretty much the same.

Sarah Grace Brooks says:

There’s NO way to tell the way your testing it!   Use the device when the sun go down and don’t go in and out the door!! Its hotter because you keep playing with your thermostat…..you have a blanket dividing hell from hell…..not a GOOD TEST!!!

Our Van Diaries says:

Fantastic vid, really enjoyed it!

Danielchai S says:

The term Air Conditions should apply to units with compressors.

Anyway, I think this product can work better, if a hose was going from the ice fan area to inside my robe…

Antonino says:

better with dry ice

Bern W says:

Awesome – and you only need 2,000 pounds of ice per day to do the same cooling as a small (12K BTU) window unit! LOL

Richard Alls says:

You need to put an elbow on it you are pulling the cold air back in the cooler. Get the cold air away from the cooler

Hohum says:

you sound so obnoxious. you dont realizes how annoying you sound.

K Tao says:

It’s not the problem of the cooler, it’s the problem of the user.

Emilio Melendez says:

Would it be better if you add water to the ice

e pen says:

The people who are selling this crap will need an air conditioner where they’re headed.

SRV. 123 says:

They tested it in a boat. Boats lose heat through the hull and are assisted by water cooling. Vans need air cooling and air conditioning needs dehumidification. This puts humidity in the air which holds more heat. What a rip off device. Someone should sue their ass. People don’t complain because they at least get a usable cooler.

Cameois says:

definitely a don’t do, huhThanks for taking to time doing this video


was so funny how you described the family on the front of the box lol I was cracking up bro

Art Silva says:

Good to know! Thanks for sharing!

GlockNinja says:

It will work better if you put it in upside down. The fan blowing out will pull more cool air out of the cooler.

The Real Mens Channel says:

Take a small fan and post it above the cold air so that at least the cool air has a chance to blow at you and around the ban.

Night Stringers says:

made in USA no wonder we cant make anything right

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